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30 Most Down Articles
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1 Efficient collinear frequency tripling of femtosecond laser with compensation of group velocity delay 2009 Vol.18(10):4308-4313
Wang Yan-Ling, Zhou Xu-Gui, Wu Hong, Ding Liang-En [Abstract] (1466) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 708 KB] (98418)
2 Compression of the self-Q-switching in semiconductor disk lasers with single-layer graphene saturable absorbers 2014 Vol.23(9):94206-094206
Yu Zhen-Hua, Tian Jin-Rong, Song Yan-Rong [Abstract] (2740) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 2034 KB] (83126)
3 High performance pentacene organic field-effect transistors consisting of biocompatible PMMA/silk fibroin bilayer dielectric 2014 Vol.23(3):38505-038505
Li Hai-Qiang, Yu Jun-Sheng, Huang Wei, Shi Wei, Huang Jiang [Abstract] (475) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 492 KB] (62386)
4 Coherence transfer from 1064 nm to 578 nm using an optically referenced frequency comb 2015 Vol.24(7):74202-074202
Fang Su, Jiang Yan-Yi, Chen Hai-Qin, Yao Yuan, Bi Zhi-Yi, Ma Long-Sheng [Abstract] (430) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 487 KB] (62210)
5 A population-level model from the microscopic dynamics in Escherichia coli chemotaxis via Langevin approximation 2012 Vol.21(9):98701-098701
He Zhuo-Ran, Wu Tai-Lin, Ouyang Qi, Tu Yu-Hai [Abstract] (755) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 7039 KB] (48646)
6 Effect of following strength on pedestrian counter flow 2010 Vol.19(7):70517-070517
Kuang Hua, Li Xing-Li, Wei Yan-Fang, Song Tao, Dai Shi-Qiang [Abstract] (1193) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 2420 KB] (42219)
7 Nanoscale guiding for cold atoms based on surface plasmons alongtips of metallic wedges 2013 Vol.22(7):73701-073701
Wang Zheng-Ling, Tang Wei-Min, Zhou Ming, Gao Chuan-Yu [Abstract] (195) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 2707 KB] (41275)
8 Kink effect in current–voltage characteristics of a GaN-based high electron mobility transistor with an AlGaN back barrier 2014 Vol.23(2):27302-027302
Ma Xiao-Hua, Lü Min, Pang Lei, Jiang Yuan-Qi, Yang Jing-Zhi, Chen Wei-Wei, Liu Xin-Yu [Abstract] (274) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 409 KB] (33591)
9 Conservation laws of the generalized short pulse equation 2015 Vol.24(2):20201-020201
Zhang Zhi-Yong, Chen Yu-Fu [Abstract] (328) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 192 KB] (28302)
10 The consistent Riccati expansion and new interaction solution for a Boussinesq-type coupled system 2015 Vol.24(6):60201-060201
Ruan Shao-Qing, Yu Wei-Feng, Yu Jun, Yu Guo-Xiang [Abstract] (254) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 271 KB] (26041)
11 Analysis of the breakdown mechanism for an ultra high voltage high-side thin layer silicon-on-insulator p-channel lateral double-diffused metal oxide semiconductor 2012 Vol.21(3):37305-037305
Zhuang Xiang,Qiao Ming,Zhang Bo,Li Zhao-Ji [Abstract] (738) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1679 KB] (24078)
12 Adsorption of sodium ions and hydrated sodium ions on a hydrophobic graphite surface via cation-π interactions 2011 Vol.20(6):68101-068101
Shi Guo-Sheng, Wang Zhi-Gang, Zhao Ji-Jun, Hu Jun, Fang Hai-Ping [Abstract] (1256) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 3011 KB] (22519)
13 Transfer function modeling and analysis of the open-loop Buck converter using the fractional calculus 2013 Vol.22(3):30506-030506
Wang Fa-Qiang, Ma Xi-Kui [Abstract] (531) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 457 KB] (20337)
14 Adaptive backstepping control of the uncertain Lü system 2002 Vol.11(12):1249-1253
Yu Yong-Guang, Zhang Suo-Chun [Abstract] (699) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 232 KB] (17437)
15 Theoretical investigation of band-gap and mode characteristics of anti-resonance guiding photonic crystal fibres 2011 Vol.20(2):24213-024213
Yuan Jin-Hui, Sang Xin-Zhu, Yu Chong-Xiu, Xin Xiang-Jun, Zhang Jin-Long, Zhou Gui-Yao, Li Shu-Guang, Hou Lan-Tian [Abstract] (978) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 3374 KB] (15105)
16 Silicon nanoparticles:Preparation, properties, and applications 2014 Vol.23(8):88102-088102
Chang Huan, Sun Shu-Qing [Abstract] (229) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 2101 KB] (14980)
17 Switching properties of bi-OPE-monothiol molecular junctions: Substituent effects and improvement of open-close ratio 2013 Vol.22(2):28504-028504
Fu Xiao-Xiao, Zhang Li-Xia, Li Zong-Liang, Wang Chuan-Kui [Abstract] (366) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 559 KB] (14507)
18 Magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles:Synthesis and surface coating techniques for biomedical applications 2014 Vol.23(3):37503-037503
Sun Sheng-Nan, Wei Chao, Zhu Zan-Zan, Hou Yang-Long, Subbu S Venkatraman, Xu Zhi-Chuan [Abstract] (1242) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 4676 KB] (14493)
19 A simple model of suppressing stimulated Brillouin scattering in optical fiber with frequency-modulated laser 2014 Vol.23(12):124208-124208
Hu Xiao-Yang, Chen Wei, Tu Xiao-Bo, Meng Zhou [Abstract] (203) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 317 KB] (13020)
20 Structure and electronic structure of S-doped graphitic C3N4 investigated by density functional theory 2012 Vol.21(10):107101-107101
Chen Gang, Gao Shang-Peng [Abstract] (708) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 3695 KB] (12194)
21 Interactions among special embed-solitons for the (3+1)-dimensional Burgers equation 2013 Vol.22(4):40509-040509
Zhang Wen-Ting, Dai Chao-Qing, Chen Wei-Lu [Abstract] (228) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 2702 KB] (11602)
22 Comparison of performance between bipolar and unipolar double-frequency sinusoidal pulse width modulation in a digitally controlled H-bridge inverter system 2013 Vol.22(6):60509-060509
Lei Bo, Xiao Guo-Chun, Wu Xuan-Lü [Abstract] (278) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1177 KB] (11573)
23 Wavefront correction of Ti:sapphire terawatt laser with varying precision of phase conjugation between deformable mirror and wavefront sensor 2012 Vol.21(1):14201-014201
Yu Liang-Hong, Liang Xiao-Yan, Ren Zhi-Jun, Wang Li, Xu Yi, Lu Xiao-Ming, Yu Guo-Hao [Abstract] (849) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 296 KB] (11080)
24 Cubature Kalman filters:Derivation and extension 2013 Vol.22(12):128401-128401
Zhang Xin-Chun, Guo Cheng-Jun [Abstract] (404) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 352 KB] (9505)
25 Toward the complete relational graph of fundamental circuit elements 2015 Vol.24(6):68402-068402
Shang Da-Shan, Chai Yi-Sheng, Cao Ze-Xian, Lu Jun, Sun Young [Abstract] (523) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 377 KB] (9446)
26 Multifunctional magnetic nanoparticles for magnetic resonance image-guided photothermal therapy for cancer 2014 Vol.23(4):44301-044301
Yue Xiu-Li, Ma Fang, Dai Zhi-Fei [Abstract] (279) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1608 KB] (9188)
27 Prediction and experimental measurement of electromagnetic thrust generated by a microwave thruster system 2013 Vol.22(5):50301-050301
Yang Juan, Wang Yu-Quan, Ma Yan-Jie, Li Peng-Fei, Yang Le, Wang Yang, He Guo-Qiang [Abstract] (5381) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1356 KB] (9171)
28 Study on the design and Zernike aberrations of a segmented mirror telescope 2009 Vol.18(7):2774-2778
Jiang Zhen-Yu, Li Lin, Huang Yi-Fan [Abstract] (1025) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1567 KB] (8840)
29 An analytic model for gate-all-around silicon nanowire tunneling field effect transistors 2014 Vol.23(9):97102-097102
Liu Ying, He Jin, Chan Mansun, Du Cai-Xia, Ye Yun, Zhao Wei, Wu Wen, Deng Wan-Ling, Wang Wen-Ping [Abstract] (330) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 405 KB] (8146)
30 Preparing Cu2ZnSnS4 films using the co-electro-deposition method with ionic liquids 2012 Vol.21(5):58801-058801
Chen Yong-Sheng,Wang Ying-Jun,Li Rui,Gu Jin-Hua,Lu Jing-Xiao,Yang Shi-E [Abstract] (1442) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 12057 KB] (7974)
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