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    Copyright transfer agreement of  Chinese Physics B 
       Pursuant to the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China, since the execution of this Agreement of Copyright Transfer, Copyright to the above said unpublished and original article submitted by the above author(s) (including copyright to all medium) shall be transferred to Chinese Physics B permanently throughout the world subject to the Author Rights (as hereinafter defined) and to acceptance of the Article for publication in Chinese Physics B with a once and for all payment. Chinese Physics B shall have the right to register copyright to the Article in its name as claimant on all medium in which the Article is included.
     The author(s) shall have the following rights and agree that all copies of the Article made under any of the Author Rights shall include notice of the Chinese Physics B copyright.
    1.All proprietary rights other than copyright.
    2. The nonexclusive right, after publication by Chinese Physics B, to give permission to third parties to republish the Article or a translation thereof, or excerpts therefrom, without obtaining permission from Chinese Physics B, provided the Chinese Physics B-formatted version is not used for this purpose and provided the Article is not to be published in another journal. If the Chinese Physics B-formatted version is used (including all medium format, the same for the following part), permission from Chinese Physics B must be obtained.
    3. The right, after publication by Chinese Physics B, to use all or part of the Article without revision or modification, including the Chinese Physics B-formatted version, in compilations or other publications of the author(s)’ own works, including the personal website of the author(s).
    4. The right to make copies of all or part of the Article for the author(s)’ use for study, research, lecture or classroom purposes.
    5. The right to post and update the Article on e-print (publication) servers as long as files prepared and/or formatted by Chinese Physics B or its vendors are not used for that purpose. Any such posting made or updated after acceptance of the Article for publication shall include a link to the online abstract of Chinese Physics B or to the entry page of the journal.
    6. In the case that the article is Work Made For Hire by a legal entity or other organization, such legal entity or other organization shall have the rights to make copies of the Article within its business range and for internal use only.
       By signing this Agreement, the author(s) represent and warrant as follows: The Article is original with the author(s); the Article has not been published elsewhere, nor is it submitted for publication elsewhere in any form, except as provided herein; the Article does not involve any information confidential or intended for patent registration; there are no disputes over the order of authors of the Article and their organizations.
     Except the special annotation and acknowledgment contained in the Article as well as what is provided herein, the Article does not infringe any copyright or violate any other right of any third parties, and is not being considered for publication elsewhere in any form. The Agreement shall legally bind on all authors of the Article.
        The signatory to this statement has full power to make this statement on behalf of any and all co-authors of the said article and the signed statement is final binding upon all the authors.
        The signatory to this statement warrants that he/she is authorized by the other co-authors to sign this statement and carries out his/her promise.
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