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Chin. Phys. B, 2023, Vol. 32(1): 017503    DOI: 10.1088/1674-1056/ac5c37

Thickness-dependent magnetic properties in Pt/[Co/Ni]n multilayers with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy

Chunjie Yan(晏春杰)1, Lina Chen(陈丽娜)1,2,†, Kaiyuan Zhou(周恺元)1, Liupeng Yang(杨留鹏)1, Qingwei Fu(付清为)1, Wenqiang Wang(王文强)1, Wen-Cheng Yue(岳文诚)3, Like Liang(梁力克)1, Zui Tao(陶醉)1, Jun Du(杜军)1, Yong-Lei Wang(王永磊)3, and Ronghua Liu(刘荣华)1,‡
1 National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures, School of Physics and Collaborative Innovation Center of Advanced Microstructures, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093, China;
2 School of Science, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Nanjing 210023, China;
3 School of Electronics Science and Engineering, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093, China
Abstract  We systematically investigated the Ni and Co thickness-dependent perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (PMA) coefficient, magnetic domain structures, and magnetization dynamics of Pt(5 nm)/[Co($t_{\rm Co}$)/Ni($t_{\rm Ni}$)]$_{5}$/Pt(1 nm) multilayers by combining the four standard magnetic characterization techniques. The magnetic-related hysteresis loops obtained from the field-dependent magnetization $M$ and anomalous Hall resistivity (AHR) $\rho_{{xy}}$ showed that the two serial multilayers with $t_{\rm Co} = 0.2$ nm and 0.3 nm have the optimum PMA coefficient $K_{\rm U}$ as well as the highest coercivity $H_{\rm C}$ at the Ni thickness $t_{\rm Ni}= 0.6 $ nm. Additionally, the magnetic domain structures obtained by magneto-optic Kerr effect (MOKE) microscopy also significantly depend on the thickness and $K_{\rm U}$ of the films. Furthermore, the thickness-dependent linewidth of ferromagnetic resonance is inversely proportional to $K_{\rm U}$ and $H_{\rm C}$, indicating that inhomogeneous magnetic properties dominate the linewidth. However, the intrinsic Gilbert damping constant determined by a linear fitting of the frequency-dependent linewidth does not depend on the Ni thickness and $K_{\rm U}$. Our results could help promote the PMA [Co/Ni] multilayer applications in various spintronic and spin-orbitronic devices.
Keywords:  perpendicular magnetic anisotropy      magnetic domain      damping      multiayers  
Received:  18 January 2022      Revised:  02 March 2022      Accepted manuscript online:  10 March 2022
PACS:  75.30.Gw (Magnetic anisotropy)  
  75.70.Kw (Domain structure (including magnetic bubbles and vortices))  
  75.40.Gb (Dynamic properties?)  
  68.65.Ac (Multilayers)  
Fund: Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 11774150, 12074178, 12004171, 12074189, and 51971109), the Applied Basic Research Programs of Science and Technology Commission Foundation of Jiangsu Province, China (Grant No. BK20170627), the National Key Research and Development Program of China (Grant No. 2018YFA0209002), the Open Research Fund of Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory for Nanotechnology, and the Scientific Foundation of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications (NUPTSF) (Grant No. NY220164).
Corresponding Authors:  Lina Chen, Ronghua Liu     E-mail:;

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Chunjie Yan(晏春杰), Lina Chen(陈丽娜), Kaiyuan Zhou(周恺元), Liupeng Yang(杨留鹏), Qingwei Fu(付清为), Wenqiang Wang(王文强), Wen-Cheng Yue(岳文诚), Like Liang(梁力克), Zui Tao(陶醉), Jun Du(杜军),Yong-Lei Wang(王永磊), and Ronghua Liu(刘荣华) Thickness-dependent magnetic properties in Pt/[Co/Ni]n multilayers with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy 2023 Chin. Phys. B 32 017503

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