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Chin. Phys. B, 2017, Vol. 26(5): 054203    DOI: 10.1088/1674-1056/26/5/054203

Theoretical study of micro-optical structure fabrication based on sample rotation and two-laser-beam interference

Yizhen Chen(陈宜臻)1, Xiangxian Wang(王向贤)1, Ru Wang(王茹)1, Hua Yang(杨华)1, Yunping Qi(祁云平)2
1 School of Science, Lanzhou University of Technology, Lanzhou 730050, China;
2 College of Physics and Electronic Engineering, Northwest Normal University, Lanzhou 730070, China
Abstract  A method for fabricating a micro-optical structure based on sample rotation and two-laser-beam interference is proposed. The rotation process is analyzed using the coordinate transformation in matrix presentation and the theoretical expressions of the optical field distributions corresponding to different sample rotations. By rotating the samples and changing the laser wavelength, various special micro-optical structures can be obtained, such as equally spaced concentric rings and irregular trapezoidal lattices; these structures are demonstrated by simulating the corresponding optical field distributions. The proposed approach may be developed into a low-cost laser interference lithography technology for the fabrication of various micro-optical structures.
Keywords:  lithography      micro-optical structure      laser interference      sample rotation  
Received:  07 November 2016      Revised:  16 December 2016      Published:  05 May 2017
PACS:  42.25.Hz (Interference)  
  81.16.Nd (Micro- and nanolithography)  
  42.82.Cr (Fabrication techniques; lithography, pattern transfer)  
Fund: Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 61505074), the National Basic Research Program of China (Grant No. 2013CBA01703), the HongLiu Young Teachers Training Program Funded Projects of Lanzhou University of Technology, China (Grant No. Q201509), and the National Undergraduate Innovation Training Program of China (Grant No. 201610731030).
Corresponding Authors:  Xiangxian Wang     E-mail:

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Yizhen Chen(陈宜臻), Xiangxian Wang(王向贤), Ru Wang(王茹), Hua Yang(杨华), Yunping Qi(祁云平) Theoretical study of micro-optical structure fabrication based on sample rotation and two-laser-beam interference 2017 Chin. Phys. B 26 054203

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