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Chin. Phys. B, 2022, Vol. 31(8): 088201    DOI: 10.1088/1674-1056/ac6740

How graph features decipher the soot assisted pigmental energy transport in leaves? A laser-assisted thermal lens study in nanobiophotonics

S Sankararaman
Department of Optoelectronics, University of Kerala, Trivandrum, 695581, Kerala, India
Abstract  The paper employs the principles of graph theory in nanobiophotonics, where the soot-assisted intra-pigmental energy transport in leaves is unveiled through the laser-induced thermal lens (TL) technique. Nanofluids with different soot concentrations are sprayed over Lablab purpureus (L) sweet leaves, and the extracted pigments are analyzed. The graph features of the constructed complex network from the TL signal of the samples are analyzed to understand their variations with optical absorbance. Besides revealing the presence of optimum soot concentration that can enhance photosynthesis, the study brings out the potential application of graph features in nanobiophotonics.
Keywords:  nanobiophotonics      thermal lens      soot      pigmental energy transfer      graph theory  
Received:  26 November 2021      Revised:  23 March 2022      Accepted manuscript online:  14 April 2022
PACS:  82.80.Kq (Energy-conversion spectro-analytical methods (e.g., photoacoustic, photothermal, and optogalvanic spectroscopic methods))  
  74.20.Pq (Electronic structure calculations)  
  02.10.Ox (Combinatorics; graph theory)  
  81.05.U- (Carbon/carbon-based materials)  
Corresponding Authors:  S Sankararaman     E-mail:

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S Sankararaman How graph features decipher the soot assisted pigmental energy transport in leaves? A laser-assisted thermal lens study in nanobiophotonics 2022 Chin. Phys. B 31 088201

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