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Chin. Phys. B, 2021, Vol. 30(6): 067305    DOI: 10.1088/1674-1056/abe0c7

Design and simulation of AlN-based vertical Schottky barrier diodes

Chun-Xu Su(苏春旭)1, Wei Wen(温暐)2, Wu-Xiong Fei(费武雄)2, Wei Mao(毛维)1, Jia-Jie Chen(陈佳杰)3, Wei-Hang Zhang(张苇杭)1,†, Sheng-Lei Zhao(赵胜雷)1, Jin-Cheng Zhang(张进成)1,‡, and Yue Hao(郝跃)1
1 Key Laboratory of Wide Band-Gap Semiconductors and Devices, School of Microelectronics, Xidian University, Xi'an 710071, China;
2 China Electronic Product Reliability and Environmental Testing Research Institute, Guangzhou 510610, China;
3 Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, Shanghai 201109, China
Abstract  The key parameters of vertical AlN Schottky barrier diodes (SBDs) with variable drift layer thickness (DLT) and drift layer concentration (DLC) are investigated. The specific on-resistance (Ron,sp) decreased to 0.5 mΩ·cm2 and the breakdown voltage (VBR) decreased from 3.4 kV to 1.1 kV by changing the DLC from 1015 cm-3 to 3×1016 cm-3. The VBR increases from 1.5 kV to 3.4 kV and the Ron,sp also increases to 12.64 mΩ·cm2 by increasing DLT from 4-μ to 11-μ. The VBR enhancement results from the increase of depletion region extension. The Baliga's figure of merit (BFOM) of 3.8 GW/cm2 was obtained in the structure of 11-μ DLT and 1016 cm-3 DLC without FP. When DLT or DLC is variable, the consideration of the value of BFOM is essential. In this paper, we also present the vertical AlN SBD with a field plate (FP), which decreases the crowding of electric field in electrode edge. All the key parameters were optimized by simulating based on Silvaco-ATLAS.
Keywords:  aluminum nitride      Schottky barrier diodes      specific on-resistance Ron      sp      breakdown voltage VBR  
Received:  20 November 2020      Revised:  06 January 2021      Accepted manuscript online:  28 January 2021
PACS:  73.61.Ey (III-V semiconductors)  
  73.30.+y (Surface double layers, Schottky barriers, and work functions)  
  51.50.+v (Electrical properties)  
Fund: Project supported by Key-Area Research and Development Program of Guangdong Province, China (Grant Nos. 2020B010174001 and 2020B010171002) and Ningbo Science and Technology Innovation 2025 (Grant No. 2019B10123).
Corresponding Authors:  Wei-Hang Zhang, Jin-Cheng Zhang     E-mail:;

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Chun-Xu Su(苏春旭), Wei Wen(温暐), Wu-Xiong Fei(费武雄), Wei Mao(毛维), Jia-Jie Chen(陈佳杰), Wei-Hang Zhang(张苇杭), Sheng-Lei Zhao(赵胜雷), Jin-Cheng Zhang(张进成), and Yue Hao(郝跃) Design and simulation of AlN-based vertical Schottky barrier diodes 2021 Chin. Phys. B 30 067305

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