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Chin. Phys., 2007, Vol. 16(11): 3204-3211    DOI: 10.1088/1009-1963/16/11/010
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Remote interactions between two d -dimensional distributed quantum systems: nonlocal generalized quantum control-NOT gate and entanglement swapping

Chen Li-Bing, Lu Hong, Jin Rui-Bo
Department of Photoelectron and Physics, Foshan University, Foshan 528000, China
Abstract  We present a systematic simple method to implement a generalized quantum control-NOT (CNOT) gate on two $d$-dimensional distributed systems. First, we show how the nonlocal generalized quantum CNOT gate can be implemented with unity fidelity and unity probability by using a maximally entangled pair of qudits as a quantum channel. We also put forward a scheme for probabilistically implementing the nonlocal operation with unity fidelity by employing a partially entangled qudit pair as a quantum channel. Analysis of the scheme indicates that the use of partially entangled quantum channel for implementing the nonlocal generalized quantum CNOT gate leads to the problem of `the general optimal information extraction'. We also point out that the nonlocal generalized quantum CNOT gate can be used in the entanglement swapping between particles belonging to distant users in a communication network and distributed quantum computer.
Keywords:  partially entangled      entanglement swapping      nonlocal generalized quantum CNOT gate      qudit  
Published:  20 November 2007
PACS:  03.67.Lx (Quantum computation architectures and implementations)  
  02.50.Cw (Probability theory)  
  03.65.Ud (Entanglement and quantum nonlocality)  
  03.67.Mn (Entanglement measures, witnesses, and other characterizations)  
  42.50.-p (Quantum optics)  
Fund: Project supported by the Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, China (Grant Nos 06029431 and 020127), and the Natural Science Foundation from the Education Bureau of Guangdong Province, China (Grant No Z02069).

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Chen Li-Bing, Lu Hong, Jin Rui-Bo Remote interactions between two d -dimensional distributed quantum systems: nonlocal generalized quantum control-NOT gate and entanglement swapping 2007 Chin. Phys. 16 3204

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