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Chin. Phys. B, 2021, Vol. 30(1): 017304    DOI: 10.1088/1674-1056/abccbb
Special Issue: SPECIAL TOPIC—Unconventional superconductivity
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Tip-induced superconductivity commonly existing in the family of transition-metal dipnictides MPn2

Meng-Di Zhang(张孟迪)1,2, Sheng Xu(徐升)3, Xing-Yuan Hou(侯兴元)1, Ya-Dong Gu(谷亚东)1,2, Fan Zhang(张凡)1,2, Tian-Long Xia(夏天龙)3, Zhi-An Ren(任治安)1,2,4,†, Gen-Fu Chen(陈根富)1,2,4,‡, Ning Hao(郝宁)5, and Lei Shan(单磊)1,2,6,7,§
1 Beijing National Laboratory for Condensed Matter Physics, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, China; 2 School of Physical Sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, China; 3 Department of Physics, Beijing Key Laboratory of Opto-electronic Functional Materials & Micro-nano Devices, Renmin University of China, Beijing 100872, China; 4 Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory, Dongguan 523808, China; 5 Anhui Province Key Laboratory of Condensed Matter Physics at Extreme Conditions, High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei 230031, China; 6 Information Materials and Intelligent Sensing Laboratory of Anhui Province, Institute of Physical Science and Information Technology, Anhui University, Hefei 230601, China; 7 Key Laboratory of Structure and Functional Regulation of Hybrid Materials (Anhui University), Ministry of Education, Hefei 230601, China
Abstract  We report the tip-induced superconductivity on the topological semimetal NbSb2, similar to the observation on TaAs2 and NbAs2. Belonging to the same family of MPn2, all these materials possess similar band structures, indicating that the tip-induced superconductivity may be closely related to their topological nature and share a common mechanism. Further analysis suggests that a bulk band should play the dominant role in such local superconductivity most likely through interface coupling. In addition, the compatibility between the induced superconductivity and tips' ferromagnetism gives an evidence for its unconventional nature. These results provide further clues to elucidate the mechanism of the tip-induced superconductivity observed in topological materials.
Keywords:  tip-induced superconductivity      topological      mechanism  
Received:  30 October 2020      Revised:  13 November 2020      Accepted manuscript online:  23 November 2020
PACS:  73.40.Jn (Metal-to-metal contacts)  
  73.40.-c (Electronic transport in interface structures)  
  74.50.+r (Tunneling phenomena; Josephson effects)  
  85.30.Hi (Surface barrier, boundary, and point contact devices)  
Fund: Project supported by the National Key R&D Program of China (Grant Nos. 2017YFA0302904, 2017YFA0303201, 2018YFA0305602, and 2016YFA0300604), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grants Nos. 12074002, 11574372, 11674331, 11804379, and 11874417), the National Basic Research Program of China (Grant No. 2015CB921303), the Strategic Priority Research Program (B) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Grants Nos. XDB07020300, XDB07020100, and XDB33030100), the Collaborative Innovation Program of Hefei Science Center, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Grant No. 2020HSC-CIP002), CASHIPS Director's Fund, China (Grant No. BJPY2019B03), and the Recruitment Program for Leading Talent Team of Anhui Province, China (2019-16).
Corresponding Authors:  Corresponding author. E-mail: Corresponding author. E-mail: §Corresponding author. E-mail:   

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Meng-Di Zhang(张孟迪), Sheng Xu(徐升), Xing-Yuan Hou(侯兴元), Ya-Dong Gu(谷亚东), Fan Zhang(张凡), Tian-Long Xia(夏天龙), Zhi-An Ren(任治安), Gen-Fu Chen(陈根富), Ning Hao(郝宁), and Lei Shan(单磊) Tip-induced superconductivity commonly existing in the family of transition-metal dipnictides MPn2 2021 Chin. Phys. B 30 017304

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