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Chin. Phys. B, 2023, Vol. 32(3): 034303    DOI: 10.1088/1674-1056/ac8727

Tunable topological interface states and resonance states of surface waves based on the shape memory alloy

Shao-Yong Huo(霍绍勇)1, Long-Chao Yao(姚龙超)1, Kuan-Hong Hsieh(谢冠宏)2, Chun-Ming Fu(符纯明)1,†, Shih-Chia Chiu(邱士嘉)2,‡, Xiao-Chao Gong(龚小超)2, and Jian Deng(邓健)1
1 College of Mechanical Engineering, University of South China, Hengyang 421001, China;
2 1MORE INC, Shenzhen 518000, China
Abstract  Topological interface state (TIS) of elastic wave has attracted significant research interest due to its potential prospects in strengthening acoustic energy and enhancing the signal accuracy of damage identification and quantification. However, previous implementations on the interface modes of surface waves are limited to the non-adjustable frequency band and unalterable mode width. Here, we demonstrate the tunable TIS and topological resonance state (TRS) of Rayleigh wave by using a shape memory alloy (SMA) stubbed semi-infinite one-dimensional (1D) solid phononic crystals (PnCs), which simultaneously possesses the adjustable mode width. The mechanism of tunability stems from the phase transformation of the SMA between the martensite at low temperature and the austenite at high temperature. The tunable TIS of Rayleigh wave is realized by combining two bandgap-opened PnCs with different Zak phases. The TRS with adjustable mode width is achieved in the heterostructures by adding PnCs with Dirac point to the middle of two bandgap-opened PnCs with different Zak phases, which exhibits the extraordinary robustness in contrast to the ordinary Fabry-Pérot resonance state. This research provides new possibilities for the highly adjustable Rayleigh wave manipulation and find promising applications such as tunable energy harvesters, wide-mode filters, and high-sensitivity Rayleigh wave detectors.
Keywords:  tunable topological interface state      Rayleigh wave      alterable mode width      topological phononic crystals      shape memory alloys  
Received:  10 May 2022      Revised:  10 July 2022      Accepted manuscript online:  05 August 2022
PACS:  43.55.+p (Architectural acoustics)  
  43.90.+v (Other topics in acoustics)  
  02.40.Pc (General topology)  
  46.40.-f (Vibrations and mechanical waves)  
Fund: Project supported from the Doctoral Research Fund of University of South China (Grant No. 210XQD016) and the Outstanding Youth Foundation of the Hunan Education Department (Grant No. 21B0406).
Corresponding Authors:  Chun-Ming Fu, Shih-Chia Chiu     E-mail:;

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Shao-Yong Huo(霍绍勇), Long-Chao Yao(姚龙超), Kuan-Hong Hsieh(谢冠宏), Chun-Ming Fu(符纯明), Shih-Chia Chiu(邱士嘉), Xiao-Chao Gong(龚小超), and Jian Deng(邓健) Tunable topological interface states and resonance states of surface waves based on the shape memory alloy 2023 Chin. Phys. B 32 034303

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