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Chin. Phys. B, 2014, Vol. 23(4): 047806    DOI: 10.1088/1674-1056/23/4/047806
Special Issue: TOPICAL REVIEW — Plasmonics and metamaterials
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Control of light scattering by nanoparticles with optically-induced magnetic responses

Liu Wei, Andrey E. Miroshnichenko, Yuri S. Kivshar
a College of Optoelectronic Science and Engineering, National University of Defence Technology, Changsha 410073, China;
b Nonlinear Physics Center and Center for Ultrahigh-bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS), Research School of Physics and Engineering, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT 0200, Australia
Abstract  Conventional approaches to control and shape the scattering patterns of light generated by different nanostructures are mostly based on engineering of their electric response due to the fact that most metallic nanostructures support only electric resonances in the optical frequency range. Recently, fuelled by the fast development in the fields of metamaterials and plasmonics, artificial optically-induced magnetic responses have been demonstrated for various nanostructures. This kind of response can be employed to provide an extra degree of freedom for the efficient control and shaping of the scattering patterns of nanoparticles and nanoantennas. Here we review the recent progress in this research direction of nanoparticle scattering shaping and control through the interference of both electric and optically-induced magnetic responses. We discuss the magnetic resonances supported by various structures in different spectral regimes, and then summarize the original results on the scattering shaping involving both electric and magnetic responses, based on the interference of both spectrally separated (with different resonant wavelengths) and overlapped dipoles (with the same resonant wavelength), and also other higher-order modes. Finally, we discuss the scattering control utilizing Fano resonances associated with the magnetic responses.
Keywords:  optically-induced magnetic response      scattering control      Mie resonance      Fano resonance  
Received:  18 November 2013      Revised:  20 February 2014      Accepted manuscript online: 
PACS:  78.67.&ndash  
  42.25.Fx (Diffraction and scattering)  
  73.20.Mf (Collective excitations (including excitons, polarons, plasmons and other charge-density excitations))  
Fund: Project supported by the Australian Research Council Center of Excellence for Ultrahigh Bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (Grant No. CE110001018) and the Future Fellowship (Grant No. FT110100037).
Corresponding Authors:  Yuri S. Kivshar     E-mail:
About author:  78.67.–n; 42.25.Fx; 73.20.Mf

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Liu Wei, Andrey E. Miroshnichenko, Yuri S. Kivshar Control of light scattering by nanoparticles with optically-induced magnetic responses 2014 Chin. Phys. B 23 047806

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