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Chin. Phys. B, 2013, Vol. 22(4): 040307    DOI: 10.1088/1674-1056/22/4/040307
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Efficient generation of two-dimensional cluster states in cavity QED

Zhang Ganga, Zhou Jianb c, Xue Zheng-Yuanc
a Machinery and Electronics Engineering Institute, West Anhui University, Lu'an 237012, China;
b Anhui Xinhua University, Hefei 230088, China;
c Laboratory of Quantum Information Technology and School of Physics and Telecommunication Engineering, South China Normal University, Guangzhou 510006, China
Abstract  We propose a scheme to achieve a kind of nontrivial multipartite pair-wise controlled phase operation in a cavity QED setup. The operation implemented is of geometrical nature and not sensitive to the thermal state of the cavity. In particular, we are manage to avoid the conventional dispersive coupling so that high speed gate operation is achieved which is very important in view of decoherence. We show that this multipartite pair-wise controlled phase operation makes the generation of two-dimensional cluster states very efficient.
Keywords:  controlled phase gate      cluster state      cavity QED     
Received:  25 July 2012      Published:  01 March 2013
PACS:  03.67.Lx (Quantum computation architectures and implementations)  
  42.50.Pq (Cavity quantum electrodynamics; micromasers)  
  42.50.Dv (Quantum state engineering and measurements)  
Fund: Project supported by the National Fundamental Research Program of China (Grant No. 2013CB921804), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 11004065), the Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province of China (Grant Nos. 10451063101006312 and S2011040000403), and the Funds of the Education Department of Anhui Province of China (Grant Nos. KJ2010A323, 2010SQRL187, and KJ2012B075).
Corresponding Authors:  Xue Zheng-Yuan     E-mail:

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Zhang Gang, Zhou Jian, Xue Zheng-Yuan Efficient generation of two-dimensional cluster states in cavity QED 2013 Chin. Phys. B 22 040307

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