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Chinese Physics, 2005, Vol. 14(11): 2256-2261    DOI: 10.1088/1009-1963/14/11/020

Calculation of ion energy distributions of argon excimer ions generated in helicon plasma

Fang Tong-Zhen (房同珍), Jiang Nan (江南), Wang Long (王龙)
Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100080, China
Abstract  A program is developed to calculate the ion energy distributions (IEDs) of Ar2+ making use of a simplified kinetic model with a combination of Monte Carlo method. Several coefficients are used to realize good match between the calculated and measured results. Some important assumptions are confirmed: argon excimer ions have short lifetime, hence they are formed in a short range before the collecting electrode. The excimer ions that encounter collisions will be discarded because they turn to other ion species after they collide with argon atoms. From the calculated results some plasma parameters such as the cross section or neutral density in discharge could be evaluated.
Keywords:  IED      helicon      plasma sheath  
Received:  11 November 2005      Revised:  18 July 2005      Accepted manuscript online: 
PACS:  52.40.Kh (Plasma sheaths)  
  52.25.Dg (Plasma kinetic equations)  
  52.50.Qt (Plasma heating by radio-frequency fields; ICR, ICP, helicons)  

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Fang Tong-Zhen (房同珍), Jiang Nan (江南), Wang Long (王龙) Calculation of ion energy distributions of argon excimer ions generated in helicon plasma 2005 Chinese Physics 14 2256

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