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Chin. Phys. B, 2017, Vol. 26(9): 094212    DOI: 10.1088/1674-1056/26/9/094212

A scheme for Sagnac-effect quantum enhancement with Fock state light input

Kun Chen(陈坤), Shu-Xin Chen(陈树新), De-Wei Wu(吴德伟), Chun-Yan Yang(杨春燕), Qiang Miao(苗强)
Information and Navigation College, Airforce Engineering University, Xi'an 710077, China
Abstract  Sagnac effect enhancement can improve optical gyro precision. For a certain input intensity, we suggest that the other input port of beam splitter (BS) should be fed with some quantum light to break through shot noise limit (SNL) to improve Sagnac effect without increasing radiation-pressure noise (NRP). We design a Sagnac effect quantum enhancement criterion (SQEC) to judge whether some quantum light can enhance Sagnac effect and present a Sagnac effect enhancement scheme that utilizing Fock state light and parity measurement technique to extract the output phase. The results of the theoretical analysis show that the maximum sensitivity can be reached at θ = 0, and the phase precision can break through SNL and even achieve Heisenberg limit (HL). When the Fock state average photon number n is far less than coherent state, the minimum measurable angular rate is improved with √2n+1 times, which can deduce shot noise and increase NRP little.
Keywords:  optical gyro      radiation-pressure noise      parity measurement      Heisenberg limit  
Received:  19 December 2016      Revised:  23 May 2017      Published:  05 September 2017
PACS:  42.50.-p (Quantum optics)  
  06.20.-f (Metrology)  
  06.30.Gv (Velocity, acceleration, and rotation)  
Fund: Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 61573372 and 61603413).
Corresponding Authors:  Shu-Xin Chen     E-mail:

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Kun Chen(陈坤), Shu-Xin Chen(陈树新), De-Wei Wu(吴德伟), Chun-Yan Yang(杨春燕), Qiang Miao(苗强) A scheme for Sagnac-effect quantum enhancement with Fock state light input 2017 Chin. Phys. B 26 094212

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