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Chin. Phys. B, 2021, Vol. 30(7): 077505    DOI: 10.1088/1674-1056/abeee5
Special Issue: SPECIAL TOPIC — Twistronics
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Magnon bands in twisted bilayer honeycomb quantum magnets

Xingchuan Zhu(朱兴川)1, Huaiming Guo(郭怀明)2,†, and Shiping Feng(冯世平)1
1 Department of Physics, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875, China;
2 Key Laboratory of Micro-Nano Measurement-Manipulation and Physics(Ministry of Education), Department of Physics, Beihang University, Beijing 100191, China
Abstract  We study the magnon bands of twisted bilayer honeycomb quantum magnets using linear spin wave theory. Although the interlayer coupling can be ferromagnetic or antiferromagnetic, we keep the intralayer one ferromagnetic to avoid possible frustration. For the interlayer ferromagnetic case, we find the magnon bands have similar features with the corresponding electronic energy spectrums. Although the linear dispersions near the Dirac points are preserved in the magnon bands of twisted bilayer magnets, their slopes are reduced with the decrease of the twist angles. On the other hand, the interlayer antiferromagnetic couplings generate quite different magnon spectra. The two single-layered magnon spectra are usually decoupled due to the opposite orientations of the spins in the two layers. We also develop a low-energy continuous theory for very small twist angles, which has been verified to fit well with the exact tight-binding calculations. Our results may be experimentally observed due to the rapid progress in two-dimensional magnetic materials.
Keywords:  magnon bands      twisted bilayer      quantum magnets      linear spin wave theory  
Received:  21 January 2021      Revised:  10 March 2021      Accepted manuscript online:  16 March 2021
PACS:  75.70.Cn (Magnetic properties of interfaces (multilayers, superlattices, heterostructures))  
  75.75.-c (Magnetic properties of nanostructures)  
  75.30.Ds (Spin waves)  
  71.70.Gm (Exchange interactions)  
Fund: Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 11774019, 11974051, and 11734002), the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities and the HPC Resources at Beihang University, and the National Key Research and Development Program of China (Grant No. 2016YFA0300304).
Corresponding Authors:  Huaiming Guo     E-mail:

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Xingchuan Zhu(朱兴川), Huaiming Guo(郭怀明), and Shiping Feng(冯世平) Magnon bands in twisted bilayer honeycomb quantum magnets 2021 Chin. Phys. B 30 077505

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