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Chinese Physics, 2007, Vol. 16(11): 3323-3327    DOI: 10.1088/1009-1963/16/11/030

Solvent effects on structure and optical properties of a D-$\pi$-A azobenzene dye

Wang Chuan-Kui(王传奎)a), Xing Xiao-Juan(邢晓娟)a), Huang Xiao-Ming(黄晓明)a), and Gao Yun(高云)b)
College of Physics and Electronics, Shandong Normal University, Jinan 250014, China; Department of Physics, Heze College, Heze 274015, China
Abstract  Time-dependent hybrid density functional theory in combination with Onsager reaction field model and super-molecular model has been applied to study solvent effects on the geometrical and electronic structures, as well as one/two-photon absorption properties, of 4-(N-(2-hydroxyethyl)-N-methyl)-amino-4’-nitroazobenzene. It is found that the short-range interaction has a large effect on the electronic structure of the solute molecule, namely, large red-shift of the maximum one-photon absorption is induced by hydrogen bonding. The solute molecule has a large two-photon absorption cross section, which is enhanced by the solvent effect. The computational results are in good agreement with measurements.  
Keywords:  solvent effects      response theory      hydrogen bonding      two-photon absorption  
Accepted manuscript online: 
PACS:  33.70.Jg (Line and band widths, shapes, and shifts)  
  33.15.Bh (General molecular conformation and symmetry; stereochemistry)  
  33.15.Fm (Bond strengths, dissociation energies)  
  33.70.Ca (Oscillator and band strengths, lifetimes, transition moments, and Franck-Condon factors)  
  33.80.Wz (Other multiphoton processes)  

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Wang Chuan-Kui(王传奎), Xing Xiao-Juan(邢晓娟), Huang Xiao-Ming(黄晓明), and Gao Yun(高云) Solvent effects on structure and optical properties of a D-$\pi$-A azobenzene dye 2007 Chinese Physics 16 3323

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