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Chin. Phys. B, 2017, Vol. 26(5): 054502    DOI: 10.1088/1674-1056/26/5/054502

Effect of the Al/O ratio on the Al reaction of aluminized RDX-based explosives

Qian Zhao(赵倩), Jian-Xin Nie(聂建新), Wei Zhang(张伟), Qiu-Shi Wang(王秋实), Qing-Jie Jiao(焦清介)
State Key Laboratory of Explosion Science and Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing 100081, China

Aluminum (Al) powders are used in composite explosives as a typical reducing agent for improving explosion performance. To understand energy release of aluminum in aluminized RDX-based explosives, a series of thermal measurements and underwater explosion (UNDEX) experiments were conducted. Lithium fluoride (LiF) was added in RDX-based explosives, as a replacement of aluminum, and used in constant temperature calorimeter experiments and UNDEXs. The influence of aluminum powder on explosion heat (Qv) was measured. A rich supply of data about aluminum energy release rate was gained. There are other oxides (CO2, CO, and H2O) in detonation products besides alumina when the content of RDX is maintained at the same levels. Aluminum cannot fully combine with oxygen in the detonation products. To study the relationship between the explosive formulation and energy release, pressure and impulse signals in underwater experiments were recorded and analyzed after charges were initiated underwater. The shock wave energy (Esk), bubble energy (Eb), and total energy (Et) monotony increase with the Al/O ratio, while the growth rates of the shock wave energy, bubble energy, and total energy become slow.

Keywords:  explosion mechanics      aluminized RDX-based explosive      underwater explosion      explosion heat     
Received:  20 November 2016      Published:  05 May 2017
PACS:  47.40.-x (Compressible flows; shock waves)  
  47.40.Rs (Detonation waves)  
  47.70.-n (Reactive and radiative flows)  
  47.70.Nd (Nonequilibrium gas dynamics)  
Corresponding Authors:  Jian-Xin Nie     E-mail:

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Qian Zhao(赵倩), Jian-Xin Nie(聂建新), Wei Zhang(张伟), Qiu-Shi Wang(王秋实), Qing-Jie Jiao(焦清介) Effect of the Al/O ratio on the Al reaction of aluminized RDX-based explosives 2017 Chin. Phys. B 26 054502

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