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Chin. Phys., 2006, Vol. 15(10): 2197-2201    DOI: 10.1088/1009-1963/15/10/002
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New non-Noether conserved quantities of mechanical system in phase space

Yan Xiang-Hong, Fang Jian-Hui
College of Physics Science and Technology, University of Petroleum,Dongying 257061, China
Abstract  This paper focuses on studying non-Noether conserved quantities of Lie symmetry and of form invariance for a mechanical system in phase space under the general infinitesimal transformation of groups. We obtain a new non-Noether conserved quantity of Lie symmetry of the system, and Hojman and Mei's results are of special cases of our conclusion. We find a condition under which the form invariance of the system will lead to a Lie symmetry, and, further, obtain a new non-Noether conserved quantity of form invariance of the system. An example is given finally to illustrate these results.
Keywords:  form invariance      phase space      non-Noether conserved quantity      Lie symmetry  
Received:  15 April 2006      Revised:  26 April 2006      Published:  20 October 2006
PACS:  45.20.Jj (Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics)  
  45.20.da (Forces and torques)  

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Yan Xiang-Hong, Fang Jian-Hui New non-Noether conserved quantities of mechanical system in phase space 2006 Chin. Phys. 15 2197

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