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Chin. Phys. B, 2014, Vol. 23(11): 113402    DOI: 10.1088/1674-1056/23/11/113402

Polarization effect in (e, 2e) reaction process for Ar (3s) in coplanar asymmetric geometry

Zhou Li-Xia (周丽霞), Wang Dian-Sheng (王殿生), Yan You-Guo (燕友果), Wang Cai-Ling (王彩玲)
College of Science, China University of Petroleum, Qingdao 266580, China
Abstract  The (e, 2e) triple differential cross sections (TDCSs) of Ar (3s) are calculated by using distorted-wave Born approximation under coplanar asymmetric geometry. The incident electron energy is 113.5 eV, and the scattering electron angle θ1 is -15°. The ejected electron energy is set at 10 eV, 7.5 eV, 5 eV, and 2 eV, respectively. The polarization effects have been discussed and the polarization potential Vpol changing from a second-order to a fourth-order term has been analyzed. Our calculated TDCSs have been compared with reported experimental and theoretical results, and the calculated TDCSs of polarization potential up to the fourth order could give a good fit with experimental results in the binary region, but fail to predict the correct recoil-to-binary ratio in most cases.
Keywords:  (e,2e) reaction      distorted-wave Born approximation      triple differential cross sections      polarization effect  
Received:  21 March 2014      Revised:  08 June 2014      Accepted manuscript online: 
PACS:  34.80.Dp (Atomic excitation and ionization)  
  34.50.Fa (Electronic excitation and ionization of atoms (including beam-foil excitation and ionization))  
Fund: Project supported by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities of China (Grant Nos. 13CX02019A and 13CX05017A).
Corresponding Authors:  Yan You-Guo     E-mail:

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Zhou Li-Xia (周丽霞), Wang Dian-Sheng (王殿生), Yan You-Guo (燕友果), Wang Cai-Ling (王彩玲) Polarization effect in (e, 2e) reaction process for Ar (3s) in coplanar asymmetric geometry 2014 Chin. Phys. B 23 113402

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