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Chin. Phys., 2007, Vol. 16(12): 3873-3878    DOI: 10.1088/1009-1963/16/12/054

Two-photon absorption coefficient dichroism in II--VI semiconductor crystals

Tang Sing-Haia, Ma Hongb, Ma Guo-Hongb, Ma Hong-Liangc
a Department of Physics, National University of Singapore, Singapore 119260; b Department of Physics, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200444, China; c Instrumental Analysis & Research Center, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200444, China
Abstract  Considering two beams propagate in semiconductor crystal, this paper discusses the polarization dependence of pump beam-induced intensity attenuation of probe beam due to two-photon absorption (TPA). Numerical calculation and experimental measurement demonstrate that TPA coefficient is polarization dependent. For homogeneous materials, probe beam attenuation arises from the imaginary part of diagonal and off-diagonal components of third-order nonlinear susceptibilities.
Keywords:  two-photon absorption      \\ \hspace*{1.9cm} polarization dependence      semiconductor crystals      nonlinear susceptibility     
Published:  20 December 2007
PACS:  78.20.Ci (Optical constants (including refractive index, complex dielectric constant, absorption, reflection and transmission coefficients, emissivity))  
  78.20.Fm (Birefringence)  
Fund: Project supported by Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai municipal (Grant No~ 06PJ14042), Shanghai Municipal Education Commission (Grant No~06AZ089), and the Shanghai Leading Academic Discipline Program (Grant No~T0104).

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Ma Hong, Ma Guo-Hong, Ma Hong-Liang, Tang Sing-Hai Two-photon absorption coefficient dichroism in II--VI semiconductor crystals 2007 Chin. Phys. 16 3873

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