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Chin. Phys. B, 2015, Vol. 24(11): 110303    DOI: 10.1088/1674-1056/24/11/110303
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Effect of hydrostatic pressure and polaronic mass of the binding energy in a spherical quantum dot

A. Rejo Jeicea, Sr. Gerardin Jayamb, K. S. Joseph Wilsonc
a Department of Physics, Annai Velankanni College, Tholayavattam, Kanyakumari Dist-629157, India;
b Department of Physics, Holy Cross College, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari Dist, India;
c Departmant of Physics, ArulAnandar College (Autonomous), Karumathur, Madurai-625514, India
Abstract  Simultaneous effect of hydrostatic pressure and polaronic mass on the binding energies of the ground and excited states of an on-center hydrogenic impurity confined in a GaAs/GaAlAs spherical quantum dot are theoretically investigated by the variational method within the effective mass approximation. The binding energy is calculated as a function of dot radius and pressure. Our findings proved that the hydrostatic pressure led to the decrease of confined energy and the increase of donor binding energy. Conduction band non-parabolicity and the polaron masses are effective in the donor binding energy which is significant for narrow dots not in the confined energy. The maximum donor binding energy achieved by the polaronic mass in the ground and excited states are 2%-19% for the narrow dots. The confined and donor binding energies approach zero as the dot size approaches infinity.
Keywords:  spherical quantum dot      square well confinement      confined energies      effective mass approximation  
Received:  11 March 2015      Revised:  02 June 2015      Published:  05 November 2015
PACS:  03.65.-w (Quantum mechanics)  
  03.65.Ge (Solutions of wave equations: bound states)  
  03.67.-a (Quantum information)  
Corresponding Authors:  A. Rejo Jeice     E-mail:

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A. Rejo Jeice, Sr. Gerardin Jayam, K. S. Joseph Wilson Effect of hydrostatic pressure and polaronic mass of the binding energy in a spherical quantum dot 2015 Chin. Phys. B 24 110303

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