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Chin. Phys. B, 2018, Vol. 27(3): 037501    DOI: 10.1088/1674-1056/27/3/037501

Strong coupling between localized 5f moments and itinerant quasiparticles in the ferromagnetic superconductor UGe2

Wen Zhang(张文), Yi Liu(刘毅), Xiaoying Wang(王小英), Yun Zhang(张云), Donghua Xie(谢东华)
Science and Technology on Surface Physics and Chemistry Laboratory, Jiangyou 621908, China
Abstract  The heavy fermion physics arises from the complex interplay of nearly localized 4f/5f electrons and itinerant band-like ones, yielding heavy quasiparticles with an effective mass about 100 times (or more) of the bare electrons. Recently, experimental and theoretical investigations point out a localized and delocalized dual nature in actinide compounds, where itinerant quasiparticles account for the unconventional superconductivity in the vicinity of a magnetic instability. Here we report the strong coupling between localized 5f moments and itinerant quasiparticles in the ferromagnetic superconductor UGe2. The coupling is nearly antiferromagnetic. As embedded in the ferromagnetic matrix of localized 5f moments below TC ≈ 52 K, this coupling leads to short-range dynamic correlations of heavy quasiparticles, characterized by fluctuations of magnetic clusters. Those cluster-like spins of itinerant quasiparticles show a broad hump of magnetization at TX ≈ 28 K, which is typical for the spin-glass freezing. Thus, our results present the direct observation of itinerant quasiparticles coexisting with localized 5f moments by conventional magnetic measurements, providing a new route into the coexistence between ferromagnetism and superconductivity in heavy fermion systems.
Keywords:  UGe2      ferromagnetic superconductor  
Received:  26 October 2017      Revised:  04 December 2017      Accepted manuscript online: 
PACS:  75.10.Nr (Spin-glass and other random models)  
  75.40.Gb (Dynamic properties?)  
  75.30.Mb (Valence fluctuation, Kondo lattice, and heavy-fermion phenomena)  
Fund: Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 11404297), the Science Challenge Project (Grant No. TZ2016004), and the Science and Technology Foundation of China Academy of Engineering Physics (Grant Nos. 2013B0301050 and 2014A0301013).
Corresponding Authors:  Yi Liu     E-mail:

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Wen Zhang(张文), Yi Liu(刘毅), Xiaoying Wang(王小英), Yun Zhang(张云), Donghua Xie(谢东华) Strong coupling between localized 5f moments and itinerant quasiparticles in the ferromagnetic superconductor UGe2 2018 Chin. Phys. B 27 037501

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