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Chin. Phys. B, 2009, Vol. 18(4): 1486-1490    DOI: 10.1088/1674-1056/18/4/033

Calculation of the elastic collision properties of Na and Li atoms at ultracold temperature

Zhang Ji-Cai(张计才)a)†, Zhang Ying(张莹)a), Du Bing-Ge(杜丙阁)a), and Sun Jin-Feng(孙金锋)a)b)
a College of Physics and Information Engineering, Henan Normal University, Xinxiang 453007, China; b Department of Physics, Luoyang Normal College, Luoyang 471022, China
Abstract  This paper firstly reports a theoretical study of elastic scattering properties in a mixture of 23Na and 7Li atoms at cold and ultracold temperatures in detail. Based on the new constructed accurate singlet $X^1\varSigma_g^+$ and the triplet $a^3\varSigma_u^+$ states interatomic potentials for 23Na7Li mixture, it calculates the scattering lengths and the effective ranges by three computational methods, and obtains good agreements. Using the mass scaling method, it also calculates 23Na6Li scattering lengths and s-wave and total elastic cross sections, whose rich resonance structures were found and interpreted in terms of quasibound diatomic levels trapped behind a centrifugal barrier.
Keywords:  scattering length      elastic cross section      variable phase method  
Received:  22 June 2008      Revised:  02 August 2008      Accepted manuscript online: 
PACS:  34.50.-s (Scattering of atoms and molecules)  
  34.10.+x (General theories and models of atomic and molecular collisions and interactions (including statistical theories, transition state, stochastic and trajectory models, etc.))  
  34.20.Cf (Interatomic potentials and forces)  
Fund: Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No 10574039) and the Natural Science Foundation of Henan Province (Grant No 2008A140007).

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Zhang Ji-Cai(张计才), Zhang Ying(张莹), Du Bing-Ge(杜丙阁), and Sun Jin-Feng(孙金锋) Calculation of the elastic collision properties of Na and Li atoms at ultracold temperature 2009 Chin. Phys. B 18 1486

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