Spoof surface plasmons resonance effect and tunable electric response of improved metamaterial in the terahertz regime
Wang Yue†a),b), Zhang Li-Yingb), Mei Jin-Shuoa), Zhang Wen-Chaoa), Tong Yi-Jingc)
Schematic diagram of our designed metamaterial structure. (a) The structure of the unit cell. Metal and semiconductor are gold and silicon, respectively, the substrate material is polyimide. p = 36 μm, a = 25.9 μm, d = 10.8 μm, g = 1.4 μm, and w = 3 μm. Both the gold and silicon are 200-nm thick. (b) Equivalent circuit of unit cell of Fig. 1(a) , where R is the total equivalent resistance. (c) Top view of an array unit cell of designed metamaterial.