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SCI Top Cited Articles

Mei FX
Form invariance of Appell equations
CHINESE PHYSICS,2001,10(3):177-180
Cited by:209
Guo ZL; Zheng CG; Shi BC
Non-equilibrium extrapolation method for velocity and pressure boundary conditions in the lattice Boltzmann method
CHINESE PHYSICS,2002,11(4):366-374
Cited by:141
Wang SY; Mei FX
Form invariance and Lie symmetry of equations of non-holonomic systems
CHINESE PHYSICS 2002,11(1):5-8
Cited by:132
Gao T; Yan FL; Wang ZX
Controlled quantum teleportation and secure direct communication
CHINESE PHYSICS 2005,14(5):893-897
Cited by:111
Wang SY; Mei FX
On the form invariance of Nielsen equations
CHINESE PHYSICS,2001,10(5):373-375
Cited by:107
Wang FQ; Liu CX
Hyperchaos evolved from the Liu chaotic system
CHINESE PHYSICS,2006,15(5):963-968
Cited by:74
Hu FX; Shen BG; Sun JR;
Great magnetic entropy change in La(Fe, M)(13) (M = Si, Al) with Co doping
CHINESE PHYSICS,2000,9(7):550-553
Cited by:72
Zhang Y; Shang M; Mei FX
Symmetries and conserved quantities for systems of generalized classical mechanics
CHINESE PHYSICS,2000,9(6):401-407
Cited by:71
Xue Y
Analysis of the stability and density waves for traffic flow
CHINESE PHYSICS,2002,11(11):1128-1134
Cited by:69
Fu JL; Chen LQ; Bai JH;
Lie symmetries and conserved quantities of controllable nonholonomic dynamical systems
CHINESE PHYSICS,2003,12(7):695-699
Cited by:67
Guo YX; Jiang LY; Yu Y
Symmetries of mechanical systems with nonlinear nonholonomic constraints
CHINESE PHYSICS,2001,10(3):181-185
Cited by:66
Yang SZ; Jiang QQ; Li HL
Quantum tunnelling radiation of Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton-Axion black hole
CHINESE PHYSICS,2005,14(12):2411-2414
Cited by:66
Mo Jia-Qi; Lin Wan-Tao
Asymptotic solution for a class of sea-air oscillator model for El Nino-southern oscillation
CHINESE PHYSICS B,2008,17(2):370-372
Cited by:66
Chen Y; Yan ZY; Li B;
New explicit exact solutions for a generalized Hirota-Satsuma coupled KdV system and a coupled MKdV equation
CHINESE PHYSICS,2003,12(1):1-10
Cited by:65
Mo JQ; Lin WT
Homotopy perturbation method of equatorial eastern Pacific for the El Nino-Southern Oscillation mechanism
CHINESE PHYSICS,2005,14(5):875-878
Cited by:62
Mo JQ; Wang H; Lin WT;
Variational iteration method for solving the mechanism of the Equatorial Eastern Pacific El Nino-Southern Oscillation
CHINESE PHYSICS,2006,15(4):671-675
Cited by:62
New exact solutions of nonlinear Gross-Pitaevskii equation with weak bias magnetic and time-dependent laser fields
CHINESE PHYSICS,2005,14(2):251-256
Cited by:60
Zhang H; Ma XK; Yang Y;
Generalized synchronization of hyperchaos and chaos using active backstepping design
CHINESE PHYSICS,2005,14(1):86-94
Cited by:59
Luo SK; Chen XW; Fu JL
Birkhoff's equations and geometrical theory of rotational relativistic system
CHINESE PHYSICS,2001,10(4):271-276
Cited by:56
Yu SM; Ma ZG; Qiu SS;
Generation and synchronization of N-scroll chaotic and hyperchaotic attractors in fourth-order systems
CHINESE PHYSICS2004,13(3):317-328
Cited by:56
Wang JZ; Chen ZQ; Yuan ZZ
The generation of a hyperchaotic system based on a three-dimensional autonomous chaotic system
CHINESE PHYSICS,2006,15(6):1216-1225
Cited by:56
Li Xi-Han; Li Chun-Yan; Deng Fu-Guo;
Quantum secure direct communication with quantum encryption based on pure entangled states
CHINESE PHYSICS,2007,16(8):2149-2153
Cited by:56
Liu JS; Zhang DY; Liang CH
Stability of bright screening-photovoltaic spatial solitons
CHINESE PHYSICS,2000,9(9):667-671
Cited by:54
Xu XJ; Mei FX; Qin MC
Non-Noether conserved quantity constructed by using form invariance for Birkhoffian system
CHINESE PHYSICS,2004,13(12):1999-2002
Cited by:54
Mo Jia-Qi; Lin Wan-Tao; Wang Hui
Variational iteration method for solving perturbed mechanism of western boundary undercurrents in the Pacific
CHINESE PHYSICS,2007,16(4):951-954
Cited by:54
Zhang Yi; Mei Feng-Xiang
Form invariance for systems of generalized classical mechanics
CHINESE Physics,2003,12(10):1058-61
Cited by:53
Gao X; Yu JB
Chaos and chaotic control in a fractional-order electronic oscillator
CHINESE PHYSICS,2005,14(5):908-913
Cited by:53
Wu L; Zhu SQ
Communications using multi-mode laser system based on chaotic synchronization
CHINESE PHYSICS,2003,12(3):300-304
Cited by:52
Pan Yi; Shi Dong-Xia; Gao Hong-Jun
Formation of graphene on Ru(0001) surface
CHINESE PHYSICS,2007,16(11):3151-3153
Cited by:52
Ye L; Yao CM; Guo GC
Teleportation of a two-particle entangled state
CHINESE PHYSICS,2001,10(11):1001-1003
Cited by:50
Li Z; Han CZ
Global adaptive synchronization of chaotic systems with uncertain parameters
CHINESE PHYSICS,2002,11(1):9-11
Cited by:50
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