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Other articles related with "85.30.Tv":
107301 Tie-Cheng Han, Hong-Dong Zhao, Lei Yang, Yang Wang
  Simulation study of InAlN/GaN high-electron mobility transistor with AlInN back barrier
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (10): 107301-107301 [Abstract] (188) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 349 KB] (486)
96103 Qiwen Zheng, Jiangwei Cui, Mengxin Liu, Dandan Su, Hang Zhou, Teng Ma, Xuefeng Yu, Wu Lu, Qi Guo, Fazhan Zhao
  Direct measurement and analysis of total ionizing dose effect on 130 nm PD SOI SRAM cell static noise margin
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (9): 96103-096103 [Abstract] (172) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 432 KB] (246)
98401 Xingxing Zhang, Xiaoli Ji, Yiming Liao, Jingyu Peng, Chenxin Zhu, Feng Yan
  Performance enhancement of CMOS terahertz detector by drain current
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (9): 98401-098401 [Abstract] (178) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 612 KB] (198)
98504 Jianfei Li, Yuanjie Lv, Changfu Li, Ziwu Ji, Zhiyong Pang, Xiangang Xu, Mingsheng Xu
  Intrinsic relationship between photoluminescence and electrical characteristics in modulation Fe-doped AlGaN/GaN HEMTs
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (9): 98504-098504 [Abstract] (180) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 937 KB] (248)
98505 Wei-Wei Yan, Lin-Chun Gao, Xiao-Jing Li, Fa-Zhan Zhao, Chuan-Bin Zeng, Jia-Jun Luo, Zheng-Sheng Han
  Experimental and simulation studies of single-event transient in partially depleted SOI MOSFET
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (9): 98505-098505 [Abstract] (192) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 2992 KB] (178)
87304 Yanrong Wang, Hong Yang, Hao Xu, Weichun Luo, Luwei Qi, Shuxiang Zhang, Wenwu Wang, Jiang Yan, Huilong Zhu, Chao Zhao, Dapeng Chen, Tianchun Ye
  Stress-induced leakage current characteristics of PMOS fabricated by a new multi-deposition multi-annealing technique with full gate last process
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (8): 87304-087304 [Abstract] (177) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1310 KB] (175)
78502 Wen-Hao Zhang, Zun-Chao Li, Yun-He Guan, Ye-Fei Zhang
  Double-gate-all-around tunnel field-effect transistor
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (7): 78502-078502 [Abstract] (179) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 429 KB] (164)
58501 He Guan, Hui Guo
  An optimized fitting function with least square approximation inInAs/AlSb HFET small-signal model for characterizingthe frequency dependency of impact ionization effect
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (5): 58501-058501 [Abstract] (136) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 1375 KB] (132)
58502 Yu-Hang Zhang, Chang-Chun Chai, Yang Liu, Yin-Tang Yang, Chun-Lei Shi, Qing-Yang Fan, Yu-Qian Liu
  Modeling and understanding of the thermal failure induced by high power microwave in CMOS inverter
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (5): 58502-058502 [Abstract] (151) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 1101 KB] (207)
47305 Hui Wang, Ning Wang, Ling-Li Jiang, Xin-Peng Lin, Hai-Yue Zhao, Hong-Yu Yu
  A novel enhancement mode AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor with split floating gates
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (4): 47305-047305 [Abstract] (265) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 684 KB] (344)
47306 Wei Mao, Hai-Yong Wang, Xiao-Fei Wang, Ming Du, Jin-Feng Zhang, Xue-Feng Zheng, Chong Wang, Xiao-Hua Ma, Jin-Cheng Zhang, Yue Hao
  Improvement of reverse blocking performance in vertical power MOSFETs with Schottky-drain-connected semisuperjunctions
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (4): 47306-047306 [Abstract] (205) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 9012 KB] (311)
47307 Yong-Hui Zhang, Zeng-Xia Mei, Hui-Li Liang, Xiao-Long Du
  Review of flexible and transparent thin-film transistors based on zinc oxide and related materials
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (4): 47307-047307 [Abstract] (318) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 7052 KB] (1555)
38502 Qiao-Qun Yu, Jiang Lu, Hai-Nan Liu, Jia-Jun Luo, Bo Li, Li-Xin Wang, Zheng-Sheng Han
  Superjunction nanoscale partially narrow mesa IGBT towards superior performance
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (3): 38502-038502 [Abstract] (261) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 756 KB] (345)
28501 Yu-Hang Zhang, Chang-Chun Chai, Xin-Hai Yu, Yin-Tang Yang, Yang Liu, Qing-Yang Fan, Chun-Lei Shi
  Investigation on latch-up susceptibility induced by high-power microwave in complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor inverter
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (2): 28501-028501 [Abstract] (171) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 589 KB] (210)
17304 Ling Yang(杨凌), Xiao-Wei Zhou(周小伟), Xiao-Hua Ma(马晓华), Ling Lv(吕玲), Yan-Rong Cao(曹艳荣), Jin-Cheng Zhang(张进成), Yue Hao(郝跃)
  Low power fluorine plasma effects on electrical reliability of AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (1): 17304-017304 [Abstract] (168) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 450 KB] (393)
127304 Yi-Tao He, Ming Qiao, Bo Zhang
  Ultralow turnoff loss dual-gate SOI LIGBT with trench gate barrier and carrier stored layer
    Chin. Phys. B   2016 Vol.25 (12): 127304-127304 [Abstract] (190) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 431 KB] (192)
127305 Wei Mao, Ju-Sheng Fan, Ming Du, Jin-Feng Zhang, Xue-Feng Zheng, Chong Wang, Xiao-Hua Ma, Jin-Cheng Zhang, Yue Hao
  Analysis of the modulation mechanisms of the electric field and breakdown performance in AlGaN/GaN HEMT with a T-shaped field-plate
    Chin. Phys. B   2016 Vol.25 (12): 127305-127305 [Abstract] (280) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 514 KB] (406)
117305 Yun-Long He, Chong Wang, Min-Han Mi, Xue-Feng Zheng, Meng Zhang, Meng-Di Zhao, Heng-Shuang Zhang, Li-Xiang Chen, Jin-Cheng Zhang, Xiao-Hua Ma, Yue Hao
  Recessed-gate quasi-enhancement-mode AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors with oxygen plasma treatment
    Chin. Phys. B   2016 Vol.25 (11): 117305-117305 [Abstract] (420) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1879 KB] (363)
118502 Han-Han Lu, Jing-Ping Xu, Lu Liu, Pui-To Lai, Wing-Man Tang
  Equivalent distributed capacitance model of oxide traps onfrequency dispersion of C-V curve for MOS capacitors
    Chin. Phys. B   2016 Vol.25 (11): 118502-118502 [Abstract] (119) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 1483 KB] (286)
118504 Libin Liu, Renrong Liang, Bolin Shan, Jun Xu, Jing Wang
  Technology demonstration of a novel poly-Si nanowire thin film transistor
    Chin. Phys. B   2016 Vol.25 (11): 118504-118504 [Abstract] (112) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1232 KB] (643)
108102 Hao Wang, Wei-Hua Han, Xiao-Song Zhao, Wang Zhang, Qi-Feng Lyu, Liu-Hong Ma, Fu-Hua Yang
  Electric-field-dependent charge delocalization from dopant atoms in silicon junctionless nanowire transistor
    Chin. Phys. B   2016 Vol.25 (10): 108102-108102 [Abstract] (206) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1432 KB] (308)
108502 Yun-He Guan, Zun-Chao Li, Dong-Xu Luo, Qing-Zhi Meng, Ye-Fei Zhang
  Characteristics of cylindrical surrounding-gate GaAsxSb1-x/InyGa1-yAs heterojunction tunneling field-effect transistors
    Chin. Phys. B   2016 Vol.25 (10): 108502-108502 [Abstract] (156) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 460 KB] (179)
108503 Shweta Tripathi
  A two-dimensional analytical modeling for channel potential and threshold voltage of short channel triple material symmetrical gate Stack (TMGS) DG-MOSFET
    Chin. Phys. B   2016 Vol.25 (10): 108503-108503 [Abstract] (148) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 5433 KB] (594)
108504 Chong Wang, Meng-Di Zhao, Yun-Long He, Xue-Feng Zheng, Kun Zhang, Xiao-Xiao Wei, Wei Mao, Xiao-Hua Ma, Jin-Cheng Zhang, Yue Hao
  Photoresponse and trap characteristics of transparent AZO-gated AlGaN/GaN HEMT
    Chin. Phys. B   2016 Vol.25 (10): 108504-108504 [Abstract] (179) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 655 KB] (256)
87304 Xiao-Ling Duan, Jin-Cheng Zhang, Ming Xiao, Yi Zhao, Jing Ning, Yue Hao
  Groove-type channel enhancement-mode AlGaN/GaN MIS HEMT with combined polar and nonpolar AlGaN/GaN heterostructures
    Chin. Phys. B   2016 Vol.25 (8): 87304-087304 [Abstract] (231) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 865 KB] (339)
88503 Yu-Rong Liu, Gao-Wei Zhao, Pai-To Lai, Ruo-He Yao
  Improvement in the electrical performance and bias-stress stability of dual-active-layered silicon zinc oxide/zinc oxide thin-film transistor
    Chin. Phys. B   2016 Vol.25 (8): 88503-088503 [Abstract] (152) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1344 KB] (476)
88504 Xiao-Wen Xi, Chang-Chun Chai, Yang Liu, Yin-Tang Yang, Qing-Yang Fan, Chun-Lei Shi
  Analysis of the damage threshold of the GaAs pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor induced by the electromagnetic pulse
    Chin. Phys. B   2016 Vol.25 (8): 88504-088504 [Abstract] (180) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1356 KB] (329)
67306 Li-Shu Wu, Yan Zhao, Hong-Chang Shen You-Tao Zhang, Tang-Sheng Chen
  Heterogeneous integration of GaAs pHEMT and Si CMOS on the same chip
    Chin. Phys. B   2016 Vol.25 (6): 67306-067306 [Abstract] (218) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1284 KB] (191)
68103 Liu-Hong Ma, Wei-Hua Han, Hao Wang, Qi-feng Lyu, Wang Zhang, Xiang Yang, Fu-Hua Yang
  Electronic transport properties of silicon junctionless nanowire transistors fabricated by femtosecond laser direct writing
    Chin. Phys. B   2016 Vol.25 (6): 68103-068103 [Abstract] (215) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1793 KB] (261)
48502 Da Ma, Xiao-Rong Luo, Jie Wei, Qiao Tan, Kun Zhou, Jun-Feng Wu
  Ultra-low specific on-resistance high-voltage vertical double diffusion metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor with continuous electron accumulation layer
    Chin. Phys. B   2016 Vol.25 (4): 48502-048502 [Abstract] (199) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 788 KB] (300)
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