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Other articles related with "68.37.Ps":
37302 Mingchen Hou, Gang Xie, Kuang Sheng
  Mechanism of Ti/Al/Ni/Au ohmic contacts to AlGaN/GaN heterostructures via laser annealing
    Chin. Phys. B   2019 Vol.28 (3): 37302-037302 [Abstract] (144) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 2166 KB] (95)
37701 Runlan Zhang, Shuaishuai Li, Changle Chen, Li-An Han, Shanxin Xiong
  Structures and local ferroelectric polarization switching properties of orthorhombic YFeO3 thin film prepared by a sol-gel method
    Chin. Phys. B   2019 Vol.28 (3): 37701-037701 [Abstract] (65) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1693 KB] (137)
86803 Zheng-Lei Zou, Nan-Nan Quan, Xing-Ya Wang, Shuo Wang, Li-Min Zhou, Jun Hu, Li-Juan Zhang, Ya-Ming Dong
  The properties of surface nanobubbles formed on different substrates
    Chin. Phys. B   2018 Vol.27 (8): 86803-086803 [Abstract] (212) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1376 KB] (94)
106803 Li-Min Zhou, Shuo Wang, Jie Qiu, Lei Wang, Xing-Ya Wang, Bin Li, Li-Juan Zhang, Jun Hu
  Interfacial nanobubbles produced by long-time preserved cold water
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (10): 106803-106803 [Abstract] (328) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 2850 KB] (202)
115202 Peng Ling, Mei Yang, Chen Shu-Fen, Zhang Yu-Pei, Hao Jing-Yu, Deng Ling-Ling, Huang Wei
  Au nanorods-incorporated plasmonic-enhanced inverted organic solar cells
    Chin. Phys. B   2015 Vol.24 (11): 115202-115202 [Abstract] (265) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1524 KB] (343)
56801 Zheng Xiao-Hu, Zhang Miao, Huang An-Ping, Xiao Zhi-Song, Paul K Chu, Wang Xi, Di Zeng-Feng
  Pattern transition from nanohoneycomb to nanograss on germanium by gallium ion bombardment
    Chin. Phys. B   2015 Vol.24 (5): 56801-056801 [Abstract] (201) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 513 KB] (348)
45201 Hao Jing-Yu, Xu Ying, Zhang Yu-Pei, Chen Shu-Fen, Li Xing-Ao, Wang Lian-Hui, Huang Wei
  The enhancement of 21.2%-power conversion efficiency in polymer photovoltaic cells by using mixed Au nanoparticles with a wide absorption spectrum of 400 nm-1000 nm
    Chin. Phys. B   2015 Vol.24 (4): 45201-045201 [Abstract] (247) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 984 KB] (477)
26802 Wang Jian-Xia, Wang Lian-Shan, Zhang Qian, Meng Xiang-Yue, Yang Shao-Yan, Zhao Gui-Juan, Li Hui-Jie, Wei Hong-Yuan, Wang Zhan-Guo
  Effect of the thickness of InGaN interlayer on a-plane GaN epilayer
    Chin. Phys. B   2015 Vol.24 (2): 26802-026802 [Abstract] (173) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 488 KB] (273)
17701 Zhang Run-Lan, Chen Chang-Le, Zhang Yun-Jie, Xing Hui, Dong Xiang-Lei, Jin Ke-Xin
  Ferroelectricity in hexagonal YFeO3 film at room temperature
    Chin. Phys. B   2015 Vol.24 (1): 17701-017701 [Abstract] (159) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 551 KB] (517)
105203 U. Ikhlaq, R. Ahmad, M. Shafiq, S. Saleem, M. S. Shah, T. Hussain, I. A. Khan, K. Abbas, M. S. Abbas
  Nitriding molybdenum: Effects of duration and fill gas pressure when using 100-Hz pulse DC discharge technique
    Chin. Phys. B   2014 Vol.23 (10): 105203-105203 [Abstract] (149) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 3113 KB] (582)
97401 Liu Zheng-Hao, Wei Yu-Ke, Wang Da, Zhang Chen, Ma Ping, Wang Yue
  Fabrication and properties of high performance YBa2Cu3O7-δ radio frequency SQUIDs with step-edge Josephson junctions
    Chin. Phys. B   2014 Vol.23 (9): 97401-097401 [Abstract] (119) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 842 KB] (514)
26801 Wang Jian-Xia, Wang Lian-Shan, Yang Shao-Yan, Li Hui-Jie, Zhao Gui-Juan, Zhang Heng, Wei Hong-Yuan, Jiao Chun-Mei, Zhu Qin-Sheng, Wang Zhan-Guo
  Effects of V/Ⅲ ratio on a-plane GaN epilayers with an InGaN interlayer
    Chin. Phys. B   2014 Vol.23 (2): 26801-026801 [Abstract] (115) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 690 KB] (470)
116103 Lü Neng, Pan Qi-Fa, Cheng Yi, Yang Bo, Ye Gao-Xiang
  Critical size of iron nanoparticles on liquid substrates
    Chin. Phys. B   2013 Vol.22 (11): 116103-116103 [Abstract] (101) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 340 KB] (350)
116804 Liu Zhi, Cheng Bu-Wen, Li Ya-Ming, Li Chuan-Bo, Xue Chun-Lai, Wang Qi-Ming
  Effects of high temperature rapid thermal annealing on Ge films grown on Si(001) substrate
    Chin. Phys. B   2013 Vol.22 (11): 116804-116804 [Abstract] (139) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 405 KB] (580)
106106 Qian Wei-Ning, Su Shi-Chen, Chen Hong, Ma Zi-Guang, Zhu Ke-Bao, He Miao, Lu Ping-Yuan, Wang Geng, Lu Tai-Ping, Du Chun-Hua, Wang Qiao, Wu Wen-Bo, Zhang Wei-Wei
  Effect of InxGa1-xN “continuously graded” buffer layer on InGaN epilayer grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
    Chin. Phys. B   2013 Vol.22 (10): 106106-106106 [Abstract] (135) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 987 KB] (352)
55204 T. Hussain, R. Ahmad, N. Khalid, Z. A. Umar, A. Hussnain
  Synthesis of TiN/a-Si3N4 thin film by using a Mather type dense plasma focus system
    Chin. Phys. B   2013 Vol.22 (5): 55204-055204 [Abstract] (167) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 580 KB] (657)
58104 Xiong Fei, Yang Tao, Song Zhao-Ning, Yang Pei-Zhi
  Density behaviors of Ge nanodots self-assembled by ion beam sputtering deposition
    Chin. Phys. B   2013 Vol.22 (5): 58104-058104 [Abstract] (203) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 812 KB] (341)
96801 Li Xin-Li, Chen Yong-Sheng, Yang Shi-E, Gu Jin-Hua, Lu Jing-Xiao, Gao Xiao-Yong, Li Rui, Jiao Yue-Chao, Gao Hai-Bo, Wang Guo
  Influence of Boron doping on microcrystalline silicon growth
    Chin. Phys. B   2011 Vol.20 (9): 96801-096801 [Abstract] (872) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 306 KB] (714)
28102 Pan Xiu-Hong, Jin Wei-Qing, Liu Yan, Ai Fei, Jin Fei, Xie Jun-Jie
  Optical and atomic force microscopic study on step bunching in BaB2O4 crystal growth
    Chin. Phys. B   2011 Vol.20 (2): 28102-028102 [Abstract] (971) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 1481 KB] (643)
107207 M. A. Yeganehx, Sh. Rahmatallahpur, A. Nozad, R. K. Mamedov
  Effect of diode size and series resistance on barrier height and ideality factor in nearly ideal Au/n type-GaAs micro Schottky contact diodes
    Chin. Phys. B   2010 Vol.19 (10): 107207-107207 [Abstract] (1248) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 3060 KB] (1324)
80517 Huan Qing, Hu Hao, Pan Li-Da, Xiao Jiang, Du Shi-Xuan, Gao Hong-Jun
  Atomic force microscopy investigation of growth process of organic TCNQ aggregates on SiO2 and mica substrates
    Chin. Phys. B   2010 Vol.19 (8): 80517-080517 [Abstract] (1219) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 426 KB] (562)
84302 He Cun-Fu, Zhang Gai-Mei, Wu Bin
  Quantitative measurement of local elasticity of SiOx film by atomic force acoustic microscopy
    Chin. Phys. B   2010 Vol.19 (8): 84302-084302 [Abstract] (1142) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 387 KB] (769)
77303 Bi Zhi-Wei, Feng Qian, Hao Yue, Wang Dang-Hui, Ma Xiao-Hua, Zhang Jin-Cheng, Quan Si, Xu Sheng-Rui
  AlGaN/GaN MIS-HEMT using NbAlO dielectric layer grown by atomic layer deposition
    Chin. Phys. B   2010 Vol.19 (7): 77303-077303 [Abstract] (1268) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 662 KB] (783)
67101 Cai Jin-Ming, Zhang Yu-Yang, Hu Hao, Bao Li-Hong, Pan Li-Da, Tang Wei, Li Guo, Du Shi-Xuan, Shen Jian, Gao Hong-Jun
  Electric dipolar interaction assisted growth of single crystalline organic thin films
    Chin. Phys. B   2010 Vol.19 (6): 67101-067101 [Abstract] (1263) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 8310 KB] (647)
36803 Wang Yue-Hu, Zhang Yi-Men, Zhang Yu-Ming, Zhang Lin, Jia Ren-Xu, Chen Da
  SiC epitaxial layers grown by chemical vapour deposition and the fabrication of Schottky barrier diodes
    Chin. Phys. B   2010 Vol.19 (3): 36803-036803 [Abstract] (1201) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 1651 KB] (791)
37106 Cao Jin, Hong Fei, Xing Fei-Fei, Gu Wen, Guo Xin-An, Zhang Hao, Wei Bin, Zhang Jian-Hua, Wang Jun
  High-performance n-channel organic thin-film transistors based on the dual effects of heterojunction and surface modification
    Chin. Phys. B   2010 Vol.19 (3): 37106-037106 [Abstract] (1277) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 1857 KB] (861)
5401 Yang Li, Wang Zhen-Duo, Zhang Shou-Ye, Yang Li-Zhen, Chen Qiang
  The influence of the structures and compounds of DLC coatings on the barrier properties of PET bottles
    Chin. Phys. B   2009 Vol.18 (12): 5401-5405 [Abstract] (975) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 2924 KB] (1353)
5457 Xu Zhi-Hao, Zhang Jin-Cheng, Zhang Zhong-Fen, Zhu Qing-Wei, Duan Huan-Tao, Hao Yue
  The effects of vicinal sapphire substrates on the properties of AlGaN/GaN heterostructures
    Chin. Phys. B   2009 Vol.18 (12): 5457-5461 [Abstract] (1173) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 1716 KB] (799)
2258 Dou Xiu-Ming, Sun Bao-Quan, Huang She-Song, Ni Hai-Qiao, Niu Zhi-Chuan, Yang Fu-Hua, Jia Rui
  Size dependence of biexciton binding energy in single InAs/GaAs quantum dots
    Chin. Phys. B   2009 Vol.18 (6): 2258-2263 [Abstract] (1382) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 1967 KB] (791)
1622 Cai Li, Guo Hai-Ming, Zhu Xi, Du Shi-Xuan, Shi Dong-Xia, Gao Hong-Jun
  Conductance switching mechanism of Rose Bengal organic thin films in ambient conditions
    Chin. Phys. B   2009 Vol.18 (4): 1622-1626 [Abstract] (983) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 460 KB] (439)
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