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Other articles related with "61.80.Jh":
93101 Jinlong Wang, Wenqiang Dang, Daping Liu, Zhichao Guo
  Size effect of He clusters on the interactions with self-interstitial tungsten atoms at different temperatures
    Chin. Phys. B   2020 Vol.29 (9): 93101-093101 [Abstract] (27) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1169 KB] (16)
76103 Qing Liao, Bingsheng Li, Long Kang, Xiaogang Li
  Comparison of cavities and extended defects formed in helium-implanted 6H-SiC at room temperature and 750 ℃
    Chin. Phys. B   2020 Vol.29 (7): 76103-076103 [Abstract] (36) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 5017 KB] (44)
46102 Xiao-Liang Yang, Long-Qing Chen, Wen-Bin Qiu, Yang-Yi-Peng Song, Yi Tang, Xu-Dong Cui, Chang-Song Liu, Yan Jiang, Tao Zhang, Jun Tang
  Irradiation hardening behaviors of tungsten-potassium alloy studied by accelerated 3-MeV W2+ ions
    Chin. Phys. B   2020 Vol.29 (4): 46102-046102 [Abstract] (51) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 2964 KB] (60)
46106 Meng-Lin Qiu, Peng Yin, Guang-Fu Wang, Ji-Gao Song, Chang-Wei Luo, Ting-Shun Wang, Guo-Qiang Zhao, Sha-Sha Lv, Feng-Shou Zhang, Bin Liao
  In situ luminescence measurement of 6H-SiC at low temperature
    Chin. Phys. B   2020 Vol.29 (4): 46106-046106 [Abstract] (128) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1479 KB] (109)
26101 Bing Ye, Li-Hua Mo, Tao Liu, Jie Luo, Dong-Qing Li, Pei-Xiong Zhao, Chang Cai, Ze He, You-Mei Sun, Ming-Dong Hou, Jie Liu
  Geant4 simulation of proton-induced single event upset in three-dimensional die-stacked SRAM device
    Chin. Phys. B   2020 Vol.29 (2): 26101-026101 [Abstract] (96) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 2745 KB] (92)
106101 Yi-Dan Tang, Xin-Yu Liu, Zheng-Dong Zhou, Yun Bai, Cheng-Zhan Li
  Defects and electrical properties in Al-implanted 4H-SiC after activation annealing
    Chin. Phys. B   2019 Vol.28 (10): 106101-106101 [Abstract] (105) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 909 KB] (121)
76106 Jia-Nan Wei, Chao-Hui He, Pei Li, Yong-Hong Li, Hong-Xia Guo
  Impact of proton-induced alteration of carrier lifetime on single-event transient in SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistor
    Chin. Phys. B   2019 Vol.28 (7): 76106-076106 [Abstract] (101) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1215 KB] (95)
68503 Jia-Nan Wei, Chao-Hui He, Pei Li, Yong-Hong Li
  Research on SEE mitigation techniques using back junction and p+ buffer layer in domestic non-DTI SiGe HBTs by TCAD
    Chin. Phys. B   2019 Vol.28 (6): 68503-068503 [Abstract] (127) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1876 KB] (82)
86103 Ya-Nan Yin, Jie Liu, Qing-Gang Ji, Pei-Xiong Zhao, Tian-Qi Liu, Bing Ye, Jie Luo, You-Mei Sun, Ming-Dong Hou
  Influences of total ionizing dose on single event effect sensitivity in floating gate cells
    Chin. Phys. B   2018 Vol.27 (8): 86103-086103 [Abstract] (93) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1134 KB] (150)
54218 Qi-Feng Zhu, Yue Wang, Jian-Ping Shen, Hai-Tao Guo, Chun-Xiao Liu
  Guiding properties of proton-implanted Nd3+-doped phosphate glass waveguides
    Chin. Phys. B   2018 Vol.27 (5): 54218-054218 [Abstract] (127) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 685 KB] (103)
96102 Jia-Nan Wei, Hong-Xia Guo, Feng-Qi Zhang, Yin-Hong Luo, Li-Li Ding, Xiao-Yu Pan, Yang Zhang, Yu-Hui Liu
  Ionizing radiation effect on single event upset sensitivity of ferroelectric random access memory
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (9): 96102-096102 [Abstract] (166) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 551 KB] (232)
86201 Li-Ying Tan, Fa-Jun Li, Xiao-Long Xie, Yan-Ping Zhou, Jing Ma
  Study on irradiation-induced defects in GaAs/AlGaAs core-shell nanowires via photoluminescence technique
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (8): 86201-086201 [Abstract] (136) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 782 KB] (213)
86202 Li-Ying Tan, Fa-Jun Li, Xiao-Long Xie, Yan-Ping Zhou, Jing Ma
  Proton radiation effect on GaAs/AlGaAs core-shell ensemble nanowires photo-detector
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (8): 86202-086202 [Abstract] (179) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 439 KB] (195)
76105 Tao Liu, Wei-Jin Kong, Ying-Ying Ren, Yan Cheng
  Optical waveguide in Nd: Bi12SiO20 crystal produced bymulti-energy C ion implantation
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (7): 76105-076105 [Abstract] (128) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 425 KB] (187)
34207 Chun-Xiao Liu, Xiao-Liang Shen, Wei-Nan Li, Wei Wei
  Visible and near-infrared optical properties of Nd: CLNGG crystal waveguides formed by proton implantation
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (3): 34207-034207 [Abstract] (165) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 509 KB] (208)
98402 Ming Lu, Jing Xu, Jian-Wei Huang
  Non-ionizing energy loss calculations for modeling electron-induced degradation of Cu(In, Ga)Se2 thin-film solar cells
    Chin. Phys. B   2016 Vol.25 (9): 98402-098402 [Abstract] (201) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 272 KB] (403)
44211 Chun-Xiao Liu, Meng Chen, Li-Li Fu, Rui-Lin Zheng, Hai-Tao Guo, Zhi-Guang Zhou, Wei-Nan Li, She-Bao Lin, Wei Wei
  Planar waveguides in neodymium-doped calcium niobium gallium garnet crystals produced by proton implantation
    Chin. Phys. B   2016 Vol.25 (4): 44211-044211 [Abstract] (209) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 403 KB] (260)
46105 Honey S, Naseem S, Ishaq A, Maaza M, Bhatti M T, Wan D
  Large scale silver nanowires network fabricated by MeV hydrogen (H+) ion beam irradiation
    Chin. Phys. B   2016 Vol.25 (4): 46105-046105 [Abstract] (287) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 10670 KB] (262)
36103 Pengcheng Huang, Shuming Chen, Jianjun Chen
  Mechanism of floating body effect mitigation via cutting off source injection in a fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator technology
    Chin. Phys. B   2016 Vol.25 (3): 36103-036103 [Abstract] (163) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 663 KB] (298)
56102 Liu Tao, Huang Qing, Zhao Jin-Hua, Kong Wei-Jin, Liu Peng, Zhang Lian, Zhou Yu-Fan, Yu Xiao-Fei, Wang Lei, Wang Xue-Lin
  Two waveguide layers in lithium niobate crystal formed by swift heavy Kr ion irradiation
    Chin. Phys. B   2015 Vol.24 (5): 56102-056102 [Abstract] (271) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 376 KB] (380)
56103 Lei Zhi-Feng, Guo Hong-Xia, Zeng Chang, Chen Hui, Wang Yuan-Sheng, Zhang Zhan-Gang
  Influence of heavy ion irradiation on DC and gate-lag performance of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs
    Chin. Phys. B   2015 Vol.24 (5): 56103-056103 [Abstract] (314) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1352 KB] (452)
46103 Chen Rui, Han Jian-Wei, Zheng Han-Sheng, Yu Yong-Tao, Shangguan Shi-Peng, Feng Guo-Qiang, Ma Ying-Qi
  Comparative research on “high currents” induced by single event latch-up and transient-induced latch-up
    Chin. Phys. B   2015 Vol.24 (4): 46103-046103 [Abstract] (177) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 1298 KB] (476)
16102 Chen Jian-Jun, Chi Ya-Qing, Liang Bin
  Mechanism of single-event transient pulse quenching between dummy gate isolated logic nodes
    Chin. Phys. B   2015 Vol.24 (1): 16102-016102 [Abstract] (208) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 869 KB] (333)
66105 Zhang Yan-Wen, Wang Xu, Liu Shi-Yi, Tang Mei-Xiong, Zhao Zi-Qiang, Zhang Peng, Wang Bao-Yi, Cao Xing-Zhong
  Irradiation effect of yttria-stabilized zirconia by high dose dual ion beam irradiation
    Chin. Phys. B   2014 Vol.23 (6): 66105-066105 [Abstract] (128) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 864 KB] (488)
46104 Yan Shao-An, Tang Ming-Hua, Zhao Wen, Guo Hong-Xia, Zhang Wan-Li, Xu Xin-Yu, Wang Xu-Dong, Ding Hao, Chen Jian-Wei, Li Zheng, Zhou Yi-Chun
  Single event effect in a ferroelectric-gate field-effect transistor under heavy-ion irradiation
    Chin. Phys. B   2014 Vol.23 (4): 46104-046104 [Abstract] (314) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 756 KB] (464)
116105 Fang Mei-Hua, Wei Zhi-Yong, Zhang Zi-Xia, Zhu Li, Fu Yu, Shi Miao, Li Guang-Wu, Guo Gang
  Micro-track structure analysis for 100 MeV Si ions in CR-39 by using atomic force microscopy
    Chin. Phys. B   2013 Vol.22 (11): 116105-116105 [Abstract] (229) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 376 KB] (366)
96103 Zhang Zhan-Gang, Liu Jie, Hou Ming-Dong, Sun You-Mei, Zhao Fa-Zhan, Liu Gang, Han Zheng-Sheng, Geng Chao, Liu Jian-De, Xi Kai, Duan Jing-Lai, Yao Hui-Jun, Mo Dan, Luo Jie, Gu Song, Liu Tian-Qi
  Large energy-loss straggling of swift heavy ions in ultra-thin active silicon layers
    Chin. Phys. B   2013 Vol.22 (9): 96103-096103 [Abstract] (332) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 898 KB] (845)
46103 Guo Yang, Chen Jian-Jun, He Yi-Bai, Liang Bin, Liu Bi-Wei
  Dual role of multiple-transistor charge sharing collection in single-event transient
    Chin. Phys. B   2013 Vol.22 (4): 46103-046103 [Abstract] (201) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 594 KB] (431)
36103 Gao Bo, Liu Gang, Wang Li-Xin, Han Zheng-Sheng, Song Li-Mei, Zhang Yan-Fei, Teng Rui, Wu Hai-Zhou
  Radiation damage effects on power VDMOS devices with composite SiO2–Si3N4 films
    Chin. Phys. B   2013 Vol.22 (3): 36103-036103 [Abstract] (316) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 523 KB] (569)
74211 Liu Chun-Xiao, Li Wei-Nan, Wei Wei, Peng Bo
  Optical planar waveguides in Yb3+-doped phosphate glasses produced by He+ ion implantation
    Chin. Phys. B   2012 Vol.21 (7): 74211-074211 [Abstract] (922) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 604 KB] (860)
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