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Other articles related with "47.80.Jk":
14704 Qiang Liu, Zhenbing Luo, Xiong Deng, Zhiyong Liu, Lin Wang, Yan Zhou
  Supersonic boundary layer transition induced by self-sustaining dual jets
    Chin. Phys. B   2020 Vol.29 (1): 14704-014704 [Abstract] (22) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 10375 KB] (17)
54206 Dawei Yuan, Yutong Li, Baojun Zhu, Yanfei Li, Jiayong Zhong, Huigang Wei, Chang Liu, Xiaoxia Yuan, Zhe Zhang, Guiyun Liang, Feilu Wang, Fang Li, Jiarui Zhao, Neng Hua, Baoqiang Zhu, Jianqiang Zhu, Shaoen Jiang, Kai Du, Yongkun Ding, Gang Zhao, Jie Zhang
  Application of multi-pulse optical imaging to measure evolution of laser-produced counter-streaming flows
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (5): 54206-054206 [Abstract] (170) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 825 KB] (185)
15205 Wei-long Wang(王蔚龙), Jun Li(李军), Hui-min Song(宋慧敏), Di Jin(金迪), Min Jia(贾敏), Yun Wu(吴云)
  Thermal and induced flow characteristics of radio frequency surface dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuation at atmospheric pressure
    Chin. Phys. B   2017 Vol.26 (1): 15205-015205 [Abstract] (166) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 2229 KB] (317)
95205 Yang Li, Min Jia, Yun Wu, Ying-hong Li, Hao-hua Zong, Hui-min Song, Hua Liang
  Influence of air pressure on the performance of plasma synthetic jet actuator
    Chin. Phys. B   2016 Vol.25 (9): 95205-095205 [Abstract] (124) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1382 KB] (212)
54701 Qing-Hu Zhang, Tao Zhu, Shihe Yi, Anping Wu
  Flow control of micro-ramps on supersonic forward-facing step flow
    Chin. Phys. B   2016 Vol.25 (5): 54701-054701 [Abstract] (141) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 3025 KB] (250)
35204 Huimin Song, Min Jia, Di Jin, Wei Cui, Yun Wu
  Electric and plasma characteristics of RF discharge plasma actuation under varying pressures
    Chin. Phys. B   2016 Vol.25 (3): 35204-035204 [Abstract] (178) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 1892 KB] (309)
114702 Wu Yu, Yi Shi-He, He Lin, Chen Zhi, Zhu Yang-Zhu
  Experimental studies on flow visualization and velocity field of compression ramp with different incoming boundary layers
    Chin. Phys. B   2014 Vol.23 (11): 114702-114702 [Abstract] (140) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 6357 KB] (308)
75210 Sun Quan, Cui Wei, Li Ying-Hong, Cheng Bang-Qin, Jin Di, Li Jun
  Shockwave-boundary layer interaction control by plasma aerodynamic actuation:An experimental investigation
    Chin. Phys. B   2014 Vol.23 (7): 75210-075210 [Abstract] (274) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1612 KB] (298)
35201 Jin Di, Li Ying-Hong, Jia Min, Li Fan-Yu, Cui Wei, Sun Quan, Zhang Bai-Ling, Li Jun
  Investigation on the shockwave induced by surface arc plasma in quiescent air
    Chin. Phys. B   2014 Vol.23 (3): 35201-035201 [Abstract] (120) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1113 KB] (370)
24704 He Lin, Yi Shi-He, Tian Li-Feng, Chen Zhi, Zhu Yang-Zhu
  Simultaneous density and velocity measurements in a supersonic turbulent boundary layer
    Chin. Phys. B   2013 Vol.22 (2): 24704-024704 [Abstract] (358) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 650 KB] (563)
14702 Zhu Yang-Zhu, Yi Shi-He, He Lin, Tian Li-Feng, Zhou Yong-Wei
  Instantaneous and time-averaged flow structures around a blunt double-cone with or without supersonic film cooling visualized via nano-tracer planar laser scattering
    Chin. Phys. B   2013 Vol.22 (1): 14702-014702 [Abstract] (588) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 733 KB] (627)
64701 Gao Qiong, Yi Shi-He, Jiang Zong-Fu, Zhao Yu-Xin, Xie Wen-Ke
  Analysing the structure of the optical path length of a supersonic mixing layer by using wavelet methods
    Chin. Phys. B   2012 Vol.21 (6): 64701-064701 [Abstract] (956) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 294 KB] (611)
1137 Wu Yun-Gang, Tao Ming-De
  Interaction of a submerged horseshoe vortex with a free surface
    Chin. Phys. B   2006 Vol.15 (6): 1137-1142 [Abstract] (1214) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 259 KB] (437)
24701 Bo Yan, Li Chen, Meng Li, Shuang Chen, Cheng Gong, Fu-Rong Yang, Yun-Gang Wu, Jiang-Ning Zhou, Jin-He Mu
  Quantitative temperature imaging at elevated pressures and in a confined space with CH4/air laminar flames by filtered Rayleigh scattering
    Chin. Phys. B   2020 Vol.29 (2): 24701-024701 [Abstract] (6) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1106 KB] (2)
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