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Chin. Phys. B, 2012, Vol. 21(4): 040503    DOI: 10.1088/1674-1056/21/4/040503
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Exponential networked synchronization of master-slave chaotic systems with time-varying communication topologies

Yang Dong-Shenga,Liu Zhen-Weia,Zhao Yanb,Liu Zhao-Binga
1. College of Information Science and Engineering, Northeastern University, Shenyang 110004, China;
2. Department of Automatic Control Engineering, Shenyang Institute of Engineering, Shenyang 110136, China
Abstract  The networked synchronization problem of a class of master-slave chaotic systems with time-varying communication topologies is investigated in this paper. Based on algebraic graph theory and matrix theory, a simple linear state feedback controller is designed to synchronize the master chaotic system and the slave chaotic systems with a time-varying communication topology connection. The exponential stability of the closed-loop networked synchronization error system is guaranteed by applying Lyapunov stability theory. The derived novel criteria are in the form of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs), which are easy to examine and tremendously reduce the computation burden from the feedback matrices. This paper provides an alternative networked secure communication scheme which can be extended conveniently. An illustrative example is given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed networked synchronization method.
Keywords:  exponential networked synchronization      master-slave chaotic systems      algebraic graph theory      communication topology  
Received:  11 August 2011      Revised:  19 October 2011      Published:  29 February 2012
PACS:  05.45.-a (Nonlinear dynamics and chaos)  
  05.45.Xt (Synchronization; coupled oscillators)  
  05.45.Gg (Control of chaos, applications of chaos)  
Fund: Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(Grant Nos.60904046,60972164,60974071,and60804006),the Special Fund for Basic Scientific Research of Central Colleges,Northeastern University,China(GrantNo.090604005),the Science and Technology Program of Shenyang(Grant No.F11-264-1-70),the Program for Liaoning Ex-cellent Talents in University(Grant No.LJQ2011137),and the Program for Liaoning Innovative Research Team in University(Grant No.LT2011019)
Corresponding Authors:  Yang Dong-Sheng,     E-mail:

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Yang Dong-Sheng,Liu Zhen-Wei,Zhao Yan,Liu Zhao-Bing Exponential networked synchronization of master-slave chaotic systems with time-varying communication topologies 2012 Chin. Phys. B 21 040503

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