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Chin. Phys. B, 2021, Vol. 30(2): 023401    DOI: 10.1088/1674-1056/abc151

Evidence of potential change in nonsequential double ionization

Changchun Jia(贾昌春)1,†, Pu Zhang(张朴)2, Hua Wen(文华)2, and Zhangjin Chen(陈长进)2,
1 School of Physics and Material Science, Anhui University, Hefei 230039, China; 2 Department of Physics, College of Science, Shantou University, Shantou 515063, China
Abstract  Recently, the quantitative rescattering model (QRS) for nonsequential double ionization (NSDI) is modified by taking into account the potential change (PC) due to the presence of electric field at the time of recollision. Using the improved QRS model, we simulate the longitudinal momentum distributions of doubly charged ions He2+ by projecting the correlated two-electron momentum distributions for NSDI of He onto the main diagonal. The obtained results are compared directly with the experimental data at different intensities. It is found that when the PC is considered, the width of momentum distributions reduces and the agreement between theory and experiment is improved.
Keywords:  nonsequential double ionization      quantitative rescattering model      potential change      momentum distribution of doubly charged ion  
Received:  30 July 2020      Revised:  23 September 2020      Accepted manuscript online:  15 October 2020
PACS:  34.50.Rk (Laser-modified scattering and reactions)  
  34.80.Dp (Atomic excitation and ionization)  
  32.80.Fb (Photoionization of atoms and ions)  
  32.80.Rm (Multiphoton ionization and excitation to highly excited states)  
Fund: Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 11274219), the Science and Technology Planning Project of Guangdong Province of China (Grant No. 180917124960522), and the Program for Promotion of Science at Universities in Guangdong Province of China (Grant No. 2018KTSCX062).
Corresponding Authors:  Corresponding author. E-mail: Corresponding author. E-mail:   

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Changchun Jia(贾昌春), Pu Zhang(张朴), Hua Wen(文华), and Zhangjin Chen(陈长进) Evidence of potential change in nonsequential double ionization 2021 Chin. Phys. B 30 023401

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