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Chin. Phys. B, 2021, Vol. 30(2): 028503    DOI: 10.1088/1674-1056/abc0df

Lateral depletion-mode 4H-SiC n-channel junction field-effect transistors operational at 400 °C

Si-Cheng Liu(刘思成)1,2, Xiao-Yan Tang(汤晓燕)1,2,3, Qing-Wen Song(宋庆文)1,2,3,†, Hao Yuan(袁昊)1,2, Yi-Meng Zhang(张艺蒙)1,2, Yi-Men Zhang(张义门)1,2,3, and Yu-Ming Zhang(张玉明)1,2,3
1 Key Laboratory of Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Materials and Devices, Xidian University, Xi'an 710071, China; 2 School of Microelectronics, Xidian University, Xi'an 710071, China; 3 XiDian-WuHu Research Institute, WuHu 241000, China
Abstract  This paper presents the development of lateral depletion-mode n-channel 4H-SiC junction field-effect transistors (LJFETs) using double-mesa process toward high-temperature integrated circuit (IC) applications. At room temperature, the fabricated LJFETs show a drain-to-source saturation current of 23.03 μ A/μm, which corresponds to a current density of 7678 A/cm2. The gate-to-source parasitic resistance of 17.56 kΩ μ m is reduced to contribute only 13.49% of the on-resistance of 130.15 kΩ μ m, which helps to improve the transconductance up to 8.61 μ S/μm. High temperature characteristics of LJFETs were performed from room temperature to 400 °C. At temperatures up to 400 °C in air, it is observed that the fabricated LJFETs still show normally-on operating characteristics. The drain-to-source saturation current, transconductance and intrinsic gain at 400 °C are 7.47 μ A/μm, 2.35 μ S/μm and 41.35, respectively. These results show significant improvement over state-of-the-art and make them attractive for high-temperature IC applications.
Keywords:  junction field-effect transistors      high temperature      4H-SiC      depletion-mode  
Published:  18 January 2021
PACS:  85.30.Tv (Field effect devices)  
  85.40.Ls (Metallization, contacts, interconnects; device isolation)  
Fund: Project supported by the Key Research and Development Program of Shaanxi Province, China (Grant No. 2020ZDLGY03-07), the National Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 61774117 and 61774119), the Science Challenge Project (Grant No. TZ2018003), the National Key R&D Program of China (Grant No. 2017YFB0102302), the Shaanxi Science & Technology Nova Program, China (Grant No. 2019KJXX-029), the Key-Area Research and Development Program of GuangDong Province, China (Grant No. 2020B010170001), and the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, China (Grant No. 5012-20106205935).
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Si-Cheng Liu(刘思成), Xiao-Yan Tang(汤晓燕), Qing-Wen Song(宋庆文), Hao Yuan(袁昊), Yi-Meng Zhang(张艺蒙), Yi-Men Zhang(张义门), and Yu-Ming Zhang(张玉明) Lateral depletion-mode 4H-SiC n-channel junction field-effect transistors operational at 400 °C 2021 Chin. Phys. B 30 028503

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